You Are a Racist.

When it comes to racism, it takes one to know one.


Maybe you don’t know it, or maybe you don’t want to admit it to yourself. Maybe you don’t make racist jokes, or even laugh at them or even tolerate them, but you’re still a racist. Maybe you’re married to a person of a different skin color than you, but even so, you are a racist. If you use the word “race” to refer to skin color, you are a racist.

Your outcries and your Facebook posts and your rioting and looting, your speeches and declarations and even your prayers and cries to God are nothing more than clanging symbols. If you don’t literally love your neighbor as your actual self AND THEN *act* on that love at every opportunity, even in the deepest recesses of your heart and mind, you have contributed nothing except for noise and you are a racist.

You’re a racist for every unseen eye roll. You’re a racist for remaining silent. You’re a racist for every secret frustration. You’re a racist for locking your doors, crossing the street, avoiding the park, taking a different path and shopping elsewhere. You’re a racist for changing how you act and how you speak depending on the crowd. You’re a racist because needed to change it in the first place.

The notion that “all men are created equally” is not an American right. It is a GOD-GIVEN right. If you don’t believe in God and if you don’t let Him change you, if you don’t see that you need to change, you’re a racist. If you reject the authority of God’s Word or fail to explore its truths, you’re a racist. If you espouse evolution and the “millions of years” theory, you’re a racist. If you believe in “survival of the fittest”, you’re a racist. If you support illegal immigration or abortion, you are a racist. If you voted based on skin color, you are a racist. If you didn’t vote based on skin color, you are a racist.

To operate under the mindset that “race” is a skin thing, you’re a racist. There are cultures, and ethnicities, experiences, vernacular, styles, preferences, tribes and tongues and maybe you hate them all to some degree or another, but there is only one race of human beings that God made.

Jesus Christ is the great equalizer of all humankind. The world said to follow your heart and you did and now you’re a racist. Jesus told you to follow Him and you won’t bend your stubborn knee and you’re a racist. The world said people are “black” and “white” and your selfish self wanted a reason to be better, stronger, smarter and higher and now you’re a racist. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, and you don’t take Him literally every day, moment by moment, action by action, and now you’re a racist.

People are dying because you are a racist. Beautiful, wanted, important, loved human beings that God created in the most beautiful array of colors reflecting His image are being hunted, captured, tortured, mocked, oppressed and killed because you’re a racist.

You weren’t born racist. You weren’t born caring about things like skin color or cultural differences or languages or evil or good. You just wanted to be loved- as every human fundamentally desires. We are all the same and because of God, we are all equal. So, why are you still a racist? Because you were born inherently selfish and someone taught you to prefer yourself over another person. To care for yourself, first. To protect yourself, first. To elevate yourself, first. To listen to yourself, first.

Apart from God, there can be no good. Apart from God, what is “good” is arbitrary, subjective and random. Racism is good. Murder is good. Sexual assault is good. Torture is good. As long as we have no fundamental definitions of “good” and “evil” that do not change and to which we can turn when we think things are bad, it’s all relative and it’s all good. So, here we are.

You are a racist. What now?

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