Writing Projects

“The Way of the Worshipper: Connecting with the Spirit of God Through Restoring Intimacy, Purpose and Understanding in Worship” is a foundational and Scripturally solid set of principles that will inspire your passion for worship and strengthen your faith as you explore how entwined praise and worship are in how you connect with the Spirit of God.

I wrote “The Way of the Worshipper” in 2017 after years spent leading worship in my local church, realizing that many people desire more of God, but lack understanding on what praise and worship are, and how the Lord designed worship to maintain a strong and vibrant relationship filled with power. This lack affects the faith of many people, leaving them vulnerable to attack- when the Lord has so much more to share!

This must-read book digs deeply into the Word of God, exploring the Seven Hebrew Words for Praise, examining the principles of the Levites and lays out a clear path of faith for your journey as a believer.

After I wrote “The Way of the Worshipper”, I launched TheWayoftheWorshipper.com to keep the journey going. As the ministry gained visibility and popularity, I began to see that many, including myself, wanted to explore more about their own personal ideas, perspectives and even misconceptions about praise and worship. I wrote the “Devotional Workbook” as a chapter-by-chapter supplement to the original book and it will guide you in exploring the Word, but also walking through a more intimate exploration of yourself as a worshipper.

The Word of God has so much depth and complexity pertaining to praise and worship that believers will never run out of revelation!

Book Editing Projects

In 2023, I formed Counterproductive Projects LLC with a mission to help everyday Christians share their messages, their stories, and their testimonies with the world. Books are a powerful way to give your message eternal Kingdom value that will outlive you, and take your words beyond where you could ever go. It is my passion to come alongside believers and help them put their words into a book and get it ready for the self-publishing market.

The work we do can include a wide-range of flexible assistance in writing, content editing or even start-to-finish guidance along the journey of self-publishing a short-form book using Amazon Kindle Direct. You can find my editorial rates here.

Here are a few examples:

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