Editorial Rates

As a writer and editor, I know first-hand how hard it is to try and spot all your typos, grammatical errors, misplaced commas, run-on sentences, and everything else while trying to keep a cohesive manuscript! In fact, there are times that even I hire an editor! A cardinal rule in authorship is this: “Never self edit“.

Why is that? Because your mind knows too much, you’re too familiar with your own work and you already know the ending! Without realizing it, you could be missing an important word and your mind will simply input it into your work as you read, and you’ll skip right past it. These are mistakes everyone makes, and that is why you need an editor!

“Will your dollars make sense?” (Cents?! See what I did there?)

“How much is this going to cost?” That is a question everyone asks and the answer is: It depends on what you’re looking for!

Just like there are specialists for different types of medical needs, there are specialists for different types of content needs. While you can find editors who do all sorts of different work, the reason you want a specialist is because, even though the rates may seem higher, in the long run it costs less because they are already experienced in the field you’re writing about, which reduces the amount of time spent on (and cost of) the project.

My editorial work focuses on non-fiction, specifically.

  • Non-fiction focused on all aspects of the Christian faith are my primary area of interest as an editor.
  • Business writing (white papers, proposals, technical manuals, legal, financial, research, blog content etc.)
  • Non-fiction books and writing (memoirs, first-hand accounts, guides and other factual writing)

Hiring an editor is a valuable use of your money, and the costs are flexible depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Keep in mind there is a big difference between editing a blog post or a children’s book and editing peer-reviewed medical journal or a legal document being prepared for court.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

~ Toni Morrison

You can click the link below to learn more about my other editing projects as well as my writing and other journalism work.

Below are the types of editing I do, what I charge and how the figures add up:

Keep in mind that as a general guideline, 500 words is “one page”, however, 250 words is also “one page” if the text is double spaced. The font you use is also a factor, so these are ballpark numbers to give you an idea. The pace of the work may be slower or faster depending on the complexity of the work itself. We’ll discuss this up front once I’ve had a chance to see more clearly what you need.

Types of Editing

Developmental – Help with the overall concept itself, building a framework for your ideas, providing guidance and direction for the book’s completion)

Copy Editing – Full-scale read-through with checks and corrections for grammar, spelling and punctuation, sentence structure etc. Think of this like the final draft from a solid writer who just needs some polish on the piece.

Proofreading – Perfunctory scan of the document for any glaring issues (omitted words etc.) and very light correction of misplaced commas etc.

Research and fact checking – Scriptural flow and accuracy in citation, fact checking citations in your document, delving into background of statements made etc.

Plagiarism checks – I do not work with writers who steal the work and thoughts of others.

How Costs are Tabulated

Word count – I offer per-word and per page rate for specific types of projects (not all projects are eligible depending on the degree of complexity)

Hourly – More complex projects, such as legal research, or messy scripts will be charged at an hourly rate. (See chart below)

Complexity – The complexity of the job will be discussed up front so you have a realistic understanding of what it will take to bring your vision to life. Not all manuscripts are “complex”.

Length – Degree of complexity and length determine hourly versus per word.

Time frame – There are times when you’ll need a rush job – life happens! There will be an additional cost for overnight or weekend turnaround, but it is available in a pinch!

Finding “Your” Style

I am an experienced editor and writer with a number of editing and writing styles and “languages”. It is paramount to me as an editor that your voice is speaking, not mine. I make every effort to keep every aspect of “you” as I work.

Some types of writing will have a “uniquely you” style, while others may follow a more standard type of editing “rules”.(Chicago Manual is the most common for non-fiction books.)

We can discuss the style of editing you need as we review your manuscript, paper, blog, letter/correspondence, article etc. If style doesn’t matter, Chicago Manual will be the default.

Editorial, Writing & Project Management Rates


Non-fiction (All types)

(e.g. news, books, blogs, articles, letters, statements, reports etc.)

  • Hourly: $35/hr.
  • Word: $.25/wd.
  • Pace: ~ 3-4 pages per hour

Note: medical/STEM/legal works have a slightly higher rate due to their exacting, technical nature:

  • Hourly: $45/hr.
  • Word: $.45/wd.
  • Pace: ~ 4-6 pages per hour


Scripts, subject-matter expert submissions (faith-based), blogs/articles, news and reports: Per-page rate: $50/pg.

Developmental Editing

Christian Non-fiction

(e.g. books, blogs, articles, letters, statements)

  • Hourly: $60/hr.
  • Word: $.45/wd.
  • Pace: ~ 3-4 pages per hour

Copy Editing

Non-fiction (All types)

(e.g. news, books, blogs, articles, letters, statements, reports etc.)

  • Hourly: $45/hr.
  • Word: $.30/wd.
  • Pace: ~ 4 pages per hour

Invoicing and payments

It is crucial to our mutual success that payment is discussed up front. I am very transparent about my rates so that you can make a decision that best fits your needs and produces the absolute best piece of work possible.

I require payment of half up front, and the other half upon arrival of your document. If you have questions, needs within the work, changes etc., we can make those adjustments after the document has been completed and returned to you at no additional charge. If you decide you need another level of editing, I will provide a discount for the return business, even if it is for the same document.

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