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Alicia Purdy Exposes Dark Secret on Eve of Mayoral Election

Nov. 1, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy held a press conference today at her campaign headquarters and revealed secret documents that exposed a long path of corruption within the Sheehan administration, and a coverup in City Hall’s Common Council. Purdy’s tone was somber as she held up a letter from incumbent Mayor Sheehan that had been sent to union workers in the Blue Collar Union Local 66, noting she would be withholding Hero Pay due to a contract dispute, and then another letter, from the union, saying Sheehan had walked away from the negations, not them. And then an internal memo, to the Common Council, from Common Council President Corey Ellis, noting he was aware of Sheehan’s lies and abuses- and that is only where the trail begins.

According to Purdy:

“With Albany’s mayoral election just hours away, voters must stand for our city’s transformation, and vote failed, corrupt mayor Sheehan out of office. The level of insidious corruption and the abuse of power being wielded by incumbent Sheehan over our city’s most dedicated workers is a disgrace to her already sullied legacy of failure. I am ashamed and aghast to learn that there is no limit to what Sheehan will destroy, climb over, manipulate and abuse in order to rule in power over Albany. I stand firm upon the foundation of justice for all, and as the next Mayor of Albany, I will ensure that we will work to pursue justice for our residents and tear down this castle of corruption, brick by brick if we must, leaving no room for such abuses in our future. A vote for ALICIA PURDY FOR MAYOR is, now more than ever, A VOTE FOR ALBANY.”

“It is time for local media and local elected officials to do their job and stand publicly against Sheehan’s corruption, to ask tough questions and demand answers in the interest of justice and restoration for our broken city – or be complicit in these bad acts and abuses of the people.”

Listen to/Watch Purdy’s Official Statement Here:


Qaadir Islam and Alicia Purdy Talk Transformation in Albany

Oct. 31, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy was featured on “Words Make People” with local life coach and host Qaadir Islam, discussing Albany’s transformation under her administration.

According to Purdy,

“Transformation in Albany starts with a transformation in leadership, and the residents of this city- across the political spectrum, across religious beliefs, across lifestyles, across experiences and across communities– are ready to see the city thrive once again, after a long, dark and downward trajectory. Cleary what unites us all is a love for our city, and our willingness to set aside our differences and work together for a transformation that benefits everyone: ALICIA PURDY FOR MAYOR.

“I want to thank Qaadir for an energetic and lively interview. His passion for the people he reaches is clear, and I was happy to see that a new path toward transformation is a fundamental belief of his, as well as mine.”

Watch the full interview here:


Sheehan Campaign Flubs Attempt to Discredit Alicia Purdy in Mailer

Oct. 29, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger to failed incumbent mayor Sheehan, came out swinging Thursday with a viral response to a mailer from Sheehan’s political cronies. In the video, which racked up thousands of views overnight, Purdy responded point by point to each item on the list of “charges”, garnering a tidal wave of support across political parties in Albany.

According to Purdy:

“The mailer sent out by the friends of Kathy Sheehan was a ridiculous and overt attempt to smear my excellent reputation as a candidate and to distort the facts. It was the perfect opportunity to expose to the people of Albany the lengths to which a failed incumbent will go to deceive them, again. Sheehan isn’t even from the state of New York, let alone from Albany and her administration has proven that she is an out-of-touch outsider. This was a laughable fumble from the current failure administration and it was easy, quick and painless to destroy this little straw man piece by piece- and my good-natured, transparent response went immediately viral across the city of Albany. That speaks volumes. We all had a good laugh- and now? WE VOTE OUT FAILURE.”

Watch Alicia Purdy’s Viral Response to the Sheehan Mailer here:


WTEN’s Tim Lake and Alicia Purdy Talk Top Albany Issues, Campaign

Oct. 28, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger to incumbent Albany mayor Sheehan, spoke with News Channel 10 anchor Tim Lake about the final days of her campaign. During the conversation, Purdy expounded on the “Operation: TRANSFORM” plan that will guide her administration, and the city of Albany, forward. Most significantly, Lake queried Purdy about Sheehan’s well-documented struggle to effectively address crime in Albany, and the devastating effects seen throughout the city.

According to Purdy:

“As this campaign draws to a close, people in Albany as well as across the Capital Region are taking a hard look at incumbent Sheehan’s endless string of disasters that define her failed legacy, and comparing them to the bright hope that “Operation: TRANSFORM” presents for the city. Albany is ready to put failure in the past, expose lies and corruption and dump a mayor whose leadership failures have nearly destroyed our city. This interview provides an expanded conversation of how we can recover from the fallout of failure, and vote in a leader who will give the city the fresh start we all agree we desperately need.”

Watch the full interview here:


Alicia Purdy Chats with WGY Morning Host Doug Goudie

Oct. 27, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy chatted with “WGY Mornings” host Doug Goudie about the final days of the campaign, addressing Albany’s reputation for violence and presenting a candidacy that upends tradition and challenges the status quo on every level.

According to Purdy:

“As a lifelong fan of WGY, and as a broadcast journalist myself, it was a real treat to be able to chat with Doug Goudie on his popular morning program. Doug isn’t from Albany originally, and he asked some important questions as an “outsider” looking in and what he sees and hears about Albany is one of the primary reasons I’ve stepped up to challenge the seat for Mayor of our great city.”

Listen to the full interview here:


Alicia Purdy to Celebrate Birthday by Casting Mayoral Vote

Oct. 27, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy will celebrate her birthday by casting her vote for Albany Mayor at the Board of Elections today, Oct. 27, 2021, at 10:30 am.

According to Purdy:

“The past year and a half has been incredibly challenging, but also deeply rewarding and transformative for me, personally. From losing 44 pounds over the last year by training in boxing to writing a novel and running for mayor in Albany, our family contracting COVID-19, and walking with my mother through the dark journey of pancreatic cancer, I am thrilled to embrace my 44th birthday and embark on another year of adventure! I think it is a great way to wind down this exciting election cycle and begin the next year of my life by casting my vote during one of the most significant elections in the past 100 years in our city.”


“Deplorable, filthy and corrupt” – Alicia Purdy Pens Open Letter in Response to Reports of Sheehan Fraud

Oct. 24, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy penned the following letter to residents in Albany after receiving “The Whistleblower’s Report: City Hall Confidential”, a shocking compilation of data pertaining to election corruption in the Sheehan administration including confidential emails, transcripts of Common Council conversations, cited violation of legal statues and ordinances in Albany, and allegations of election fraud, conflicts of interest in Sheehan’s Mayoral appointees, abuse of taxpayer money and HERO pay, and an attempt from incumbent mayor Sheehan to coerce the Blue Collar Union Local 66 into negotiating a contract before the election, among other things.

To the residents of the city of Albany, NY, on behalf of the residents of the city of Albany, NY, and in defense of the residents of Albany, NY, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am aware of the shocking allegations contained in “The Whistleblower’s Report: City Hall Confidential” and have spent the past several days combing through its details- and here is my response:

“To say that the information contained in “The Whistleblower’s Report” was utterly deplorable, filthy and corrupt to the core is an understatement. This report presents a strong, solid case for proven, rampant and ongoing corruption and election fraud in the Sheehan administration, abuse of the good faith of the people of Albany and shows that the elected representatives on the Common Council were fully aware of incumbent mayor Sheehan’s underhanded maneuvers to bypass the Common Council’s oversight and to fracture city workers from their union in order to influence the outcome of the 2021 mayoral election. I commend the courage of the author of this report and, on behalf of the people of Albany, I thank them for their willingness to bravely expose Sheehan’s dark secret.”

Such subversive, dishonest actions from an elected official cannot go without challenge and consequence! For the sake of transparency, this is a link to the full copy of “The Whistleblower’s Report: City Hall Confidential” that I received and have downloaded to make available to all.

1. I call upon the voters in Albany to demand a NEW MAYOR with their vote for ALICIA PURDY on Nov. 2, 2021.

2. I call upon every elected official on the Common Council of Albany to stand in defense of the people you represent and publicly support the removal of Albany’s corrupt mayor from office. Clearly from this report, you are aware of this corruption and now that voters are aware of it too, we insist you act immediately to expose corruption in the Sheehan administration and restore our trust in your leadership.

3. I call upon the residents in Albany to immediately reach out to their Common Council members and demand answers and action against a Mayor they know to be corrupt, and unfit for office. (Click here for a Common Council Ward map and contact information, or review the list at the bottom of this letter; and below is a list of addresses of local media who must reach out and demand Sheehan be immediately pursued to answer for these abuses.)

4. I call upon the local media in Albany to prove to their subscribers, viewers and followers that they are unbiased and value governmental integrity and demand answers and accountability from incumbent mayor Sheehan who has abused her power and violated the good faith of the people of Albany.

5. I call upon the Albany County District Attorney David Soares, the Albany County Legislature, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, the Albany County Executive Dan McCoy and the Albany Police Department to open an immediate investigation into these allegations of election fraud, abuse of power and misuse of Hero pay and the general treasury of the city of Albany, among other issues presented.

6. I call upon every union representative in the city of Albany to stand up and speak out against Sheehan’s attempts to purchase loyalty and votes from hardworking essential workers, for withholding essential pay, stalemating contract negotiations and mailing fraudulent letter to the city workers you represent in an attempt to fracture the union and pressure its leadership, using essential pay as a bargaining chip before the 2021 mayoral election.

People of Albany, the horrific corruption and abuses of the Sheehan administration run deep and wide and are only the beginning, mark my words. Voters of Albany, we must remove Kathy Sheehan from office on Nov. 2, 2021! I am appalled and ashamed of the information that has come to light, but this just proves that, indeed, the first step in the transformation of Albany is A NEW MAYOR. I stand with you, for you and in defense of you. What do you see for Albany’s future, and which leader will guide the city in that direction? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THIS ELECTION.

Fighting for our Albany,

Alicia Purdy, for Mayor of Albany – Nov. 2, 2021

Contact Information for Local Reporters, Common Council Members

WAMC: Dave Lucas –

Times Union: Albany reporter Steve Hughes – Letter to the Editor –, Editorial Editor Jay Jochnowitz –,

News Channel 10 (ABC):

WRGB, Channel 6 (CBS):

Spectrum News:

WNYT, Channel 13 (NBC):

Council of Albany Neighborhoods Association: Zachary Simpson –

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Albany Branch:

League of Women Voters of Albany County:


COREY ELLIS, Common Council President
Phone: 518-478-6441,

SONIA FREDERICK, Ward 1 Representative
Phone: 518-533-8110,

DEREK JOHNSON, Ward 2 Representative
Phone: 518-720-7118,

JOYCE LOVE: Ward 3 Representative
Phone: 518-221-6221,

KELLY KIMBROUGH: Ward 4 Representative, President Pro Tempore
Phone: 518-250-9267,

JAHMEL ROBINSON: Ward 5 Representative
Phone: 518-209-7838,

RICHARD CONTI: Ward 6 Representative
Phone: 518-436-8546,

CATHERINE FAHEY: Ward 7 Representative
Phone: 518-482-6159,

JACK FLYNN: Ward 8 Representative
Phone: 518-209-1975, JackFLynn8thWard@alicialicia

JUDY DOESSCHATE: Ward 9 Representative
Phone: 518-459-2889,

OWUSU ANANE: Ward 10 Representative
Phone: 518-763-7083.

ALFREDO BALARIN: Ward 11 Representative
Phone: 518-209-6922,

VIRGINIA FARRELL: Ward 13 Representative, Majority Leader
Phone: 518-944-0313,

JOSEPH IGOE: Ward 14 Representative
Phone: 518-489-3014,

TOM HOEY: Ward 15 Representative
Phone: 518-378-1474,

Alicia Purdy Speaks with Disability Rights NY on Albany Issues, Plans for Disabled Community

Oct. 22, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy participated in a forum for mayoral candidates to listen to concerns and share her plans for Albany specific to residents with disabilities.

According to Purdy:

“This was the second forum I participated in with Disability Rights New York and both times the message was the same: Residents with disabilities in Albany have gone unheard, invalidated and overlooked by their mayor. As someone who has long lived with a physically disabled loved one, I firmly believe that creating solutions for access that benefits people with disabilities has a universal benefit to the entire city. “Liveability” has been one of the bedrocks of my campaign from the first day and I am committed to increasing access in our city, making decisions in Albany with input from our disabled residents and ensuring that the everyday issues that disproportionally affect the disabled are addressed with priority.”

Voters with disabilities should take notice of the most significant aspect of this forum: The incumbent mayor did not bother to show up for disabled Albany residents- again.”

Click below to view or listen to the forum. Alicia Purdy’s portion of the forum starts at 31:00.


Alicia Purdy Hits Homerun with Plans, People-Focused Leadership in Final Albany Mayoral Forum

Oct. 21, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy squared off against incumbent Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan during the final mayoral forum for the 2021 election cycle, focusing heavily on her plan for Albany’s future as the city grapples with record-breaking levels of violence, economic devastation and ongoing tensions among law enforcement and the Sheehan administration. In a departure from ‘politics as usual’, Purdy opted instead to primarily use her time to directly address the people of Albany, rather than the moderator or other candidates.

According to Purdy:

“There was an obvious and distinct contrast between my energy, vision and plan for Albany’s future and the tired sameness of the incumbent, whose past two terms have brought evident destruction and despair into our great city. Even the candidate who formed his own line in order to participate struggled to articulate a clear plan to comprehensively address Albany’s numerous needs and challenges. That’s not good enough for our city! My administration doesn’t just have a vision, we have a clear and focused plan that is centered on this crucial question: “How does this affect people?” More than once, I encouraged voters of all parties to go to the polls and envision what they want to see for Albany- and vote based on that goal: Safety. An aggressive pursuit of blight. Cleanliness. Economic prosperity through a stable fiscal foundation. Opportunities for homeownership. A thriving network of youth-focused initiatives. Deliverables. Accountability – My administration is transformative because people are the priority. Our city needs a Mayor with a fresh vision, a people-focused plan and who is a leader strong enough to face challenges head on- and that is me.”

“My “Operation T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” plan is not a list of to-do items. It is a comprehensive, balanced approach where each aspect of the plan must be taken into consideration before making a decision that affects any other part- and that is a transformative approach to our city’s needs and challenges. The final mayoral forum was well done and JoDee Kenney of Spectrum News did a fantastic job. The questions were hard-hitting, and they covered crucial aspects of life and concerns specific to Albany. I encourage Albany voters to listen to how things played out during the forum. What voters will absolutely and immediately see is the very clear and distinct differences that the knowledge, education and people-focused perspectives I bring to the table as Mayor will make as we move forward into Albany’s future.”

Watch or listen to the entire forum here:

“Many thanks to the League of Women Voters of Albany County, the NAACP-Albany Branch, the Council of Albany Neighborhoods Association, and the Rockefeller College of Public Policy at SUNY Albany for sponsoring this event.”


Alicia Purdy Issues Statement on Fight for In-Person Mayoral Forum

Oct. 20, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy issued a statement regarding the second mayoral forum hosted by the Council of Albany Neighborhoods Association, the League of Women Voters of Albany County and the NAACP-Albany and the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs at the University of Albany:

“Like the majority of Albany voters, I was disappointed in the decision to continue forward with a virtual forum for the final mayoral debate of this election. I reached out to the League of Women Voters local and national offices directly, and I also contacted members of the local press, who also inquired as to why the forum could not be a hybrid model- with incumbent mayor Sheehan, myself and the candidate who formed his own line being in person. Other municipalities across the Capital Region are having candidate forums with a hybrid model and I firmly believe Albany should do the same- and I pushed for that.”

“However, control over the in-person/hybrid issue was out of my hands – even though two out of the three participants wanted an in-person format – and, sadly, the people of Albany who wanted to see their mayoral candidates square off in person, under scrutiny and face tough questions from tax payers are ignored yet again without an advocate or voice in City Hall. Incumbent Sheehan has refused to participate in any mayoral forum that wasn’t organized by specific organizations, which is utterly suspicious. This barrier to accessing Albany leadership can be dismantled and removed with a vote for my open, transparent and accountably style of leadership on Nov. 2, 2021.”

Click here to read the recent WAMC article about this issue.

To view the forum in real time on October 20, 2021 at 6:30 pm, attendees must register at:


Alicia Purdy Talks Mayoral Campaign with Times Union

Oct. 19, 2021 — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy sat down with Times Union reporter Steve Hughes to speak about her campaign for Mayor of Albany. Purdy, who has been the strongest and most vocal challenger to incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan, has repeatedly spoken out about the overt suppression of her campaign’s movements by local mainstream media.

According to Purdy:

“This article is better than most I’ve come across pertaining to my campaign, but there are a few points of clarity needed: From the outset, I have campaigned as “The People’s Mayor” because Albany needs a mayor who is a partner with people, who is accessible to people and who can empower people and, regardless of the shortcomings of the incumbent, my campaign has nothing to do with “not being Sheehan” and everything to do with being an effective leader of people and a capable steward of the city’s resources in the capital city of New York State.

“Additionally note this line: “It’s unclear whether her energy is driving sufficient support: Purdy has raised just over $17,000, according to her latest campaign filings.” Here’s what the article didn’t say: The other mayoral challenger raised $19,000 and no one questioned the ‘energy’ behind him, and the incumbent, in the last election donated $385,000 to herself, because she simply couldn’t raise enough support to combat all the negative exposure brought forth. Those issues are significant and as a journalist, I can tell you that every word in an article is intentional and used to frame a narrative from a specific perspective. In spite of that, I was glad the Times Union, even at this very late date, chose to finally feature candidates other than the incumbent.”

“My favorite line in this article is the first one: “Alicia Purdy is running as the Republican candidate for mayor, though it may be a bit tough to tell,” because it hits at the heart of my campaign – putting PEOPLE over politics, and that is a transformative perspective that has nothing to do with a political party affiliation.”

Read the full article here.


“In-depth and Intimate” Alicia Purdy Speaks with Popular Albany Podcaster

Oct. 7, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke at length with well-known Albany artist, gallery owner and podcaster David Lilley for “The Pardon Will Podcast”. Lilley, whose voice represents Albany’s thriving art community, reaches across the U.S. with in-depth conversations on the deeper matters of life, and addressing issues that affect the city of Albany.

According to Purdy:

“This conversation with David Lilley is, by far, the most in-depth and wide-ranging of my campaign. David is a well-known podcaster who resides in Albany, but reaches across the U.S. with his intimate, casual style and a focus on art, philosophy and, now, politics. I spoke more openly with David than I have in past interviews, and voters in Albany will get a much more complex perspective of who I am as a person, in addition to being a candidate for Albany mayor.”

“It is crucial that candidates and elected officials make themselves accessible to the people they lead and represent, and that has not been the case with failed incumbent mayor Sheehan. As “The People’s Mayor”, I have worked hard to show up for the people of Albany, to present myself genuinely and to speak the truth because I believe that part of how our city will TRANSFORM under my leadership must include a deeper connection to people.”

Listen to Alicia Purdy and David Lilley on “The Pardon Will Podcast”


Channel Albany Sponsors Candidate Forum

Oct. 5, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the lead challenger to incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan for Mayor of Albany, will participate in a mayoral forum hosted by Channel Albany, WCDB, ASP, and ATV, on the SUNY Albany campus on Thursday, October 7 at 6:00 p.m. The event will be live streamed and there will be room for limited in-person attendees. For in-person information, contact moderator and host Marc Gronich, News Director of Statewide News Service:

According to Purdy:

“Although local, mainstream media outlets have revealed their true motivation, operating brazenly as the government-run PR team for failed incumbent Kathy Sheehan, I have been impressed by the efforts of non-mainstream, local media, who have afforded Albany’s mayoral candidates every opportunity to have their voices heard and their platforms shared to residents in Albany who want TRANSFORMATION.”

“While failed incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan slinks away in shame and refuses to participate in these events rather than face the disapproval and anger of the people who elected her, I will – again – show up for the people of Albany, as I always do, and will continue to do. For the past year, I’ve attended forums for the disabled community, law enforcement, community issues, housing, youth, college students and many more- and Kathy Sheehan has refused to attend any of them. Clearly she is terrified of facing the reality of her multiple failures- and she should be. Shame on her. As Mayor of Albany, I will always show up – no event is too small. No group of people too unimportant. No voter is too insignificant. Each matters to me.”


“This is not our final chapter” – Alicia Purdy Addresses Sheridan Hollow Community

Sept. 18, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate spent the day at the 18th annual community block festival in Sheridan Hollow, speaking with residents and enjoying the community. Purdy was invited to speak and her message to the people visiting the festival were these: “This is not your final chapter.”

According to Purdy:

“Even in the close-knit community around New Jerusalem Home of the Saved Church, many feel hopeless and helpless after a litany of endless failures by the incumbent mayor Sheehan and I was happy for the opportunity to share my vision for Albany’s future- Operation: TRANSFORM, which brings with it the hope that in our city, the story is still being written. As the old adage goes, “The pen is mightier than the sword” and, as a journalist, I fully believe that when voters hold a pen in their hand in November, they’ll fight for Albany and write their own future with me as their new mayor.”

Contact Alicia for statements, interviews and comments:

Watch Alicia Purdy’s short, inspirational speech here:


Alicia Purdy Attends Candidate Forum with Valerie Faust

Sept. 17, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy participated in a full-length forum with Rev. Valerie Faust, who is running for mayor as a write-in candidate. The event was moderated by Marc Gronich, News Director of Statewide News Service, and recorded at the SUNY Albany WCDB studio. Purdy presented her plan for Albany’s future under her leadership, “Operation: TRANSFORM” and spoke in-depth about a number of significant challenges facing the city of Albany.

According to Purdy:

“As the election draws near, it is imperative that the press in the Capital Region wake up and pay attention. I have been deeply disappointed in the news coverage from the local major networks and print media about such a pivotal mayoral race with two contenders on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Throughout my campaign, I have repeatedly reached out to all local media to point them to the numerous issues and headlines of the Albany mayoral race and offered interviews. They should be all over this! Yet, as the watchdogs and whistleblowers of this city’s government, they have not done their jobs covering Albany’s mayoral candidates, while glossing over Sheehan’s maskless stroll down Lark Street where she sipped hard cider and chatted happily as she passed Collin Rost whose business she shut down.”

“This race is a battle for Albany’s future and it is as much about methodology as it is ideology- and it will make or break the city of Albany. Kudos to Marc Gronich, Keith Irish and Channel Albany for their dogged persistence in ensuring that Albany’s mayoral candidates are given a media platform that serves the community interests and provides crucial information about who is running in this race.”

NOTE TO PRESS: Contact for interviews, comments, reactions, plans and to set up an event with candidates.

The full recording of the forum is below:


Alicia Purdy Exposes Racism, Abuses in Sheehan’s City Hall

Sept. 7, 2021 — Albany mayor candidate Alicia Purdy lambasted incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan for shutting down Cafe Hollywood, a locally-owned, veteran-owned business in Albany that attracts a largely black and culturally diverse clientele. Purdy stood with Cafe Hollywood owner Collin Rost as well as employees of the bar to take a stand against Sheehan’s abuse of power. Then, she openly called out each name of the Board of Zoning Appeals for their failure to operate as agents of the city.

According to Purdy:

“The Sheehan administration is well-known among the people of Albany for being performative and phony toward black residents, but this latest tactic was beyond the pale. While Albany residents are being murdered in the streets across the city, Sheehan shut down a small business as though it would stem the flow of violence. What message is Kathy Sheehan sending to Albany residents? That black people are inherently violent, which is one of the most openly racist things I’ve ever encountered.”

“Then, the day after my press conference, the Board of Zoning Appeals, all appointed by Kathy Sheehan, refused to show up and reach quorum in order to rule on the appeal of Cafe Hollywood, to reopen their business. This cowardly act is unacceptable for leaders in power in Albany, yet because each member was appointed by Kathy Sheehan, it is evident that this was yet another manipulative power play from her corrupt administration that damages and victimizes Albany yet again. Kathy Sheehan seems to think that solving crimes in Albany means shutting down a small business, proving, yet again, that her administration has utterly failed to comprehend even the most basic concepts of effective leadership.”

“This grossly obtuse abuse of power must stop and it is exactly why I am running against Kathy Sheehan. Simply put: Albany deserves better than her, and my vision for transformation will start with deposing the monarchy Sheehan has constructed around herself in City Hall.”


Alicia Purdy Addresses Vaccine Passports in Albany, Demands Answers from Sheehan

Sept. 1, 2021 — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke to a massive crowd at the Capital steps to stand in support of parental choice regarding the masking of children. Purdy demanded an answer from incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan about whether or not she would institute a vaccine passport in Albany, and then Purdy set the stage for Albany under her leadership as Mayor of Albany with a commitment to constituents.

According to Purdy:

“The day before I spoke at the Capitol steps, I watched in shame as incumbent mayor Sheehan strolled down Lark Street unmasked, surrounded by press, her friends and political allies, friends and neighbors in Albany before stopping to speak to several children, all of whom wore masks on that very warm day. The hypocrisy of Albany’s mayor was on full display- she parades around the city mask-free like a queen while we are under a mask mandate, and daily I receive complaints from residents who see that Sheehan is disconnected from the people of Albany.”

“I demanded an answer from Kathy Sheehan, and I will continue to do so: Will she issue an edict mandating a vaccine passport for Albany, as is already being done in New York City? I made a firm commitment to the residents of this city and I will stand by it- and hold myself to its perimeters as well: No more hypocrites in Albany’s leadership!”

Watch Alicia Purdy’s statement at the Capitol steps, below:


Homeless in Albany: Alicia Purdy Talks Life on the Streets

August 28, 2021 — Alicia Purdy, running for Mayor of Albany against incumbent Kathy Sheehan sat down with Troy, a gay, Democrat activist who lived for years on the streets of Albany after the city failed to help him.

According to Purdy:

“Troy’s experience is, sadly, not uncommon for many in Albany whom the city leadership has failed. Daily, I hear from people who see the destruction that Sheehan’s failed policies have harmed. Our city is in the midst of a housing crisis, even as the incumbent mayor, Sheehan, spends on new construction, charges inflated rent and then rakes in federal and state money to subsidize it. My solution to housing, through Operation: TRANSFORM, takes a different approach and utilizes the people who have a vested interest in the success of this city- and are willing to cross party lines to get to work on our city’s success.”

“Why would a gay, Democrat activist support Alicia Purdy for Mayor of Albany? Because my leadership is not about political power, it is about people- and it is abundantly clear that our city has been longing for a Mayor who truly cares about them and their lived experience in this city. The first step in our transformation is kicking the failed leadership out of their high places and putting people first!”

Watch Alicia Purdy and Troy Discuss Homelessness in Albany:


Alicia Purdy Speaks with JC Club Following Closure, Murder

August 15, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, running for Mayor of Albany, spoke with the JC Club after the well-known building on 1st and Quail St. was put for up for sale by Pastor Charlie Muller, who has served the children and families of the challenged area for decades.

According to Purdy:

“As I walked through the West Hills in Albany and spoke with residents, I was deeply moved by their sadness in seeing the JC Club close down after so many years. Sadly, Kathy Sheehan and her chosen leadership have repeatedly failed to get a grip on crime and violence in Albany and, in the past few months, a man was murdered in the streets and bullets have been flying through the air on the corner of 1st and Quail St. in Albany! And then, to my horror, I watched as Kathy Sheehan dismissed and denigrated Pastor Charlie’s offers to help our city and now– the JC Club and all who were served there with birthdays, holidays, homework, meals and a sense of warmth, love and community are counted among the many victim’s of Kathy’s pride and endless failures.”

“As Mayor of Albany, I have put out a call for “All hands on deck!” out to the city, the county, the state and the nation, looking for people with an interest in the success of Albany, NY, the capital city of New York State. Sheehan’s failed leadership has led us into destruction and chaos, even as she mocks those trying desperately to help. The foundation of “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” is transforming the safety in our city and it starts with a new mayor. I will not turn away any help from those who want to see us succeed as we work to transform our city from Sheehan’s shantytown shooting gallery into a city where we all survive- and thrive.”

Watch Alicia Purdy and Sarah speak about the impact of closing the JC Club:

Contact Alicia to schedule interviews, forums, host a meet and greet, to donate, volunteer and pick up a lawn sign!


Alicia Purdy Slams Kathy Sheehan’s Close Cuomo Connection

August 11, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger for Mayor of Albany against Kathy Sheehan continues to make headlines for speaking out about Sheehan’s personal and political connections to disgraced NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to Purdy:

“Kathy Sheehan has attempted to scramble away from her personal connection to a known sexual harasser and politically corrupt governor, but it won’t work. It is well documented that Sheehan has spent the past two terms in Albany repeatedly praising Andrew Cuomo, begging Cuomo for money, receiving money from him as well as happily taking political opportunities and connections that benefit her. If Kathy Sheehan attempts to claim she wasn’t aware of the numerous abuses of power, rampant corruption, bad behavior, bullying, backroom deal making and deadly decisions of Andrew Cuomo, then she’s lying or inept– both of which are among the reasons I have called for her resignation, and will continue to do so.”

“Unlike Kathy Sheehan, who has failed Albany for eight years as mayor, I don’t have a picture of myself leaning in to Andrew Cuomo on my desk. I have no political promises to keep. I am not funded nor controlled by any corrupt politicians and I will never, ever stay silent about abuse of any kind. Standing with victims after the fact is not good enough for a leader in Sheehan’s position. As a sexual assault survivor, I will tell you first-hand that the silence of those in the know is consent, making her complicit in any one of the numerous bad acts of Andrew Cuomo. The people of Albany are sick of slick, smarmy politicians and that is why I am running as The People’s Mayor, to transform our city-starting with its leadership.”

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Alicia Purdy Opens Campaign HQ, Hosts Volunteer Event

August 9, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, the challenger running against Albany incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan, officially opened her campaign headquarters and hosted a volunteer event attended by residents from across the city, across political party lines and across the Capital Region. Volunteers folded thousands of papers, prepared literature to hand out at doors, attached customized QR codes to lawn signs and listened to Purdy expand on the details of “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.”.

According to Purdy:

“Our team of volunteers at the first, official volunteer event for the campaign of “The People’s Mayor” represented a vast array of lifestyles, political views, experiences, belief systems, religions, and perspectives- and that was what made it so beautiful! Truly, the vision we have to TRANSFORM Albany is already well underway- starting with a transformation in how people think about the kind of leader they want and a transformation in the mindset of people held captive and afraid by a political party. This campaign is not about politics. It’s not about power. It’s not about promises that are made in private backrooms or over drinks at the golf club. The campaign of “The People’s Mayor” is exclusively focused on the people of Albany.”

“To a completely full house, I was excited to finally share the full details of “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” with our team of volunteers, discuss strategy and vision, and get to work on the next phase of our goal to TRANSFORM Albany!”

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Alicia Purdy Issues Statement on Cuomo Sexual Assault Report

August 3, 2021, Albany, NY – Alicia Purdy, the challenger for Mayor of Albany in the Nov. 2021 election, issued a statement following a report from New York State Attorney General Letitia James pertaining to the sexual harassment accusations against New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“As a survivor of sexual assault, and as a woman whose win as Mayor of Albany this November will put me in close proximity to Governor Andrew Cuomo, I have followed this case very closely. A guiding principle in my personal life is to seek the truth before drawing conclusions about another person- no matter how serious the accusationsand the truth has been found. I want to express my relief and gratitude to New York Attorney General Letitia James for her unflinching commitment to uncovering the truth, in spite of how unpopular or difficult that task must have been. My heart goes out to the women involved in this filthy and terrifying experience and I pray for their healing in its aftermath.”

“Several weeks ago, I stood on the steps of City Hall in Albany and called for the resignation of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan for her political corruption, abuse of power, bullying, secrecy, and subversive fearmongering, and today, I add to that standing demand a call for Kathy Sheehan’s political ally Governor Andrew Cuomo, to resign his position as Governor of our great state, effective immediately, for his political corruption, abuse of power, bullying, secrecy, and subversive fearmongering. I applaud these brave women who stood, at great personal cost, and shared the humiliating, vulnerable truth about their experiences. I know from personal experience how painful it is, how it drains you emotionally and how heavy is the burden you carry, and I am glad the truth has come out, at last. I hope New Yorkers across the city and the state and across political parties will unite together and swiftly move to impeach Andrew Cuomo if he continues to refuse to resign.”

“As a New Yorker, as a woman, as a survivor of sexual assault, as an individual seeking a public position of servant-leadership in our city, as a mother, and as a human being who champions the dignity of every life, I have no respect for leaders who abuse their power and use retaliation and fear to control others, and who pressure people to remain silent. Our city and our state have been suffering from a putrid, festering wound sustained from years of fear, retaliation and abuse, which manifests in many forms, and I stand firmly against all abuse in any form and will continue to stand with the victims who have suffered. I will not remain silent in my demands for the resignation of all abusers in power in our state, from Albany’s City Hall to the Governor’s Office and I will continue to stand for those living in fear and fight for Albany’s transformation.”


“Eddie Z” Talks with Alicia Purdy, on “The Listening Tour” (y en Espanol Tambien!)

July 29, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy continues her energetic campaign for Mayor of Albany with another stop on her “Listening Tour”, speaking with Albany residents about life in the capital city.

Alicia spoke with Ed (“Eddie Z”), a disabled resident in Albany who once struggled with drug abuse and lived on the streets of the city. However, in the aftermath of his recovery, Eddie Z has had to rely on city services in order keep going. What has his experience been like?

According to Purdy:

“Eddie Z has a very moving personal story of triumph amid adversity. Sadly, the city of Albany has not helped although he has reached out many times. His story is not unique. Many disabled residents as well as those living in a desperate situation in Albany have similar stories of reaching out to City Hall for help, only to be turned away, or worse, ignored. As Mayor of Albany, my platform of leadership will always begin with people. I will always listen. Emails will be answered. Calls will be addressed. I will not turn aside. Everyone, no matter who they are, is important to me and my administration will immediately work to right the wrongs of City Hall’s classist and ableist elitism by ensuring that all voices in Albany are not only heard, but also sought out.”

Click the video below or click here to watch Eddie Z tell his story to Alicia Purdy, “The People’s Mayor”:


Joe Condon Chats with Alicia Purdy on WYJB’s “Albany Street”

July 28, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy sat down for a chat with well-known and much-acclaimed local radio host Joe Condon, on “Albany Street”, a program broadcast on WYJB-FM, the station locally known as B95.5, as well as 9 other stations across New York State.

According to Purdy:

“Joe Condon is an award-winning, veteran radio broadcaster who has been a mainstay in the Capital Region for fifty years. As a multi-media journalist with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting myself, I am intimately familiar with the power of radio and have long admired Joe’s work, so it was a great honor to sit down and chat with him about my campaign as “The People’s Mayor”, and about “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” – my vision for the city of Albany’s new season of transformation. We covered a wide range of topics that are significant to people not only in Albany, but also across the Capital Region, who have long hoped to see Albany transform… and we shared a few laughs!”

Click below to listen to Joe Condon and Alicia Purdy on “Albany Street”, or click here.

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A “Shantytown Shooting Gallery” – Alicia Purdy Addresses Albany State of Emergency

July 27, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, who is running for Mayor of Albany against incumbent Kathy Sheehan, spoke directly to residents living in Albany about the state of emergency declared by Sheehan, calling the city a “shantytown shooting gallery” and she encouraged fed-up residents to join her campaign to oust Sheehan, and save their own lives.

According to Purdy:

“Incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan has failed again and exposed her true motives for the city of Albany- an overt power grab to seize control of residents and businesses instead of creating a viable plan that brings order into our filthy, chaotic city. Abusing her power, Sheehan has declared a state of emergency and shut down a local black-owned business where trouble has sometimes occurred, but why hasn’t she done this before? Why now? The answer is: Power. Kathy Sheehan’s shantytown shooting gallery in Albany hasn’t been effectively addressed because keeping the chaos and death in the streets provides her with a greater level of power to seize and wield over the people in Albany.

“As I said in my official statement, the only ‘state of emergency’ in Albany is Kathy Sheehan’s failed leadership. As “The People’s Mayor”, I have no political agenda nor promises to keep to rich donors nor an insatiable desire for power. My only agenda is the people of Albany. My desire is that no more young men and women get shot down like animals in our streets, and I will fight for every mother and family in Albany with every ounce of energy I have, using every available resource, to honor and uphold our laws, and to employ state-of-the-art approaches to keep our streets safe. For far too long, people in Albany have lived in fear, but I am not afraid. The most effective weapon against fear is LOVE and in my statement, I asked the people of Albany- across the political spectrum, across every neighborhood, across cultures, and across Albany leadership this question: WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE ENOUGH IN THIS CITY TO PUSH PAST YOUR FEAR AND FIGHT WITH ME FOR MAYOR OF ALBANY?

Click below to listen to Alicia’s powerful statement, or click here.


Alicia Purdy Honors ‘Grammy’ on “National Gorgeous Grandma Day”

July 23, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, mayoral candidate for Albany, NY, honored her grandmother, Marion Rose Donnelly Nolan, “Grammy”, on National Gorgeous Grandma Day, July 23, 2021. Marion Nolan is a former model who owned a chain of hair salons and restaurants throughout the Capital Region and is a staunch Democrat who was close friends with former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and his wife, Matilda.

According to Purdy:

“When I was growing up, my Grammy would show up to my school Christmas plays wearing teeny, white hot pants and thigh-high boots, one of her signature hats covered in flowers and she had rings on every finger- and a perfect tan. In all of my 43 years, I’ve never seen Grammy without a full manicured set of nails or without her long, black eyelashes. Even after her stroke last year, those lashes and nails are still always flawless! She always has been truly gorgeous and glamorous! As I campaign for Mayor of Albany, I frequently wear pieces of vintage jewelry from Grammy’s vast collection with great pride and today, as we recognize “National Gorgeous Grandma Day”, our family pays tribute and love to Grammy by donning one of her signature hats- my mother, my two youngest daughters, and even my husband!”

Learn more about “National Gorgeous Grandma Day” here.

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Alicia Purdy’s Remarks on Albany Double Shootings Draw Continued Attention

July 21, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy’s passion for the city of Albany prompted her strong words for residents in Albany following two shootings in the city on the same day on July 17th. Purdy, whose energetic campaign has drawn the attention of residents across the city and across the aisle, spoke out against the well-documented and continued failures of Albany’s Police Chief and incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan to effectively address violent crime, and she encouraged Albany’s residents with a message of hope for their future. In the subsequent days, her heartfelt and impassioned words continue to amass viewers and comments from people across the Capital Region.

According to Purdy:

“My words have clearly struck a chord with people across the Capital Region whose lives have been affected by the violence in Albany. We all agree that the violence in Albany must be addressed, post-haste. We all agree that the disconnected, apathetic leadership of Albany is a proven failure. We all agree that transformation must come to our city before more of our loved ones are shot down in the street like animals. We all agree that Albany needs a mayor who cares more about people than politics. This is why I have stepped up as “The People’s Mayor” to be part of the transformation we are literally dying for. Yes, my words were strong, and my message was clear: The time has come to transform Albany – starting with Alicia Purdy as Mayor of Albany so we can stay alive and THRIVE!”


Alicia Purdy Meets Across the Aisle With Democrat Progressive Activist

July 21, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, who is running for Mayor of Albany on the Republican and Conservative lines against incumbent Kathy Sheehan, a Democrat, sat down for a wide-ranging, candid conversation with Alana Klein, a well-known transgender, progressive activist in Albany. The conversation “Across the Table, Across the Aisle” covered a number of hot-button issues in the city of Albany like the tear gas ban legislation (Local Law C and Local Law M), “equity versus equality”, disparity in the local economy, the Albany Police Department and the Public Safety Commission, tensions between APD and minority communities and more. Both Alicia Purdy and Alana shared their many differences in perspective about the issues that have divided the city of Albany.

According to Purdy:

“This event represented a significant development in my campaign as “The People’s Mayor” in Albany. For the past decade, the city of Albany has continued to fracture as a community because of the unwillingness and inability of Kathy Sheehan to lead this city effectively. Because of her multiple failures, all the people coexisting in Albany have suffered. This conversation “across the aisle” with a fellow resident in Albany whose life, experiences, beliefs and politics are vastly different than my own is one of the most important steps in our city’s transformation- a civil conversation about stressful subjects, expressing our differences, searching for common ground and choosing to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us. It is a foundation principle of my plan for Albany, “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” The leadership in City Hall has a legacy of repeated failures because of an inability to see the value in voices that do not echo back their tired narratives and unoriginal thoughts. Transformation in Albany has already begun to unfold through my approach to leadership as people like Alana, who truly desire to see this great city thrive, are breaking away from the chains, abuses and depravities of Albany’s status quo and are stepping forward to be part of the new vision- where we are able to work together toward transformation- and still remain true to ourselves.”

According to Klein:

I reached out to Alicia because, not only have I become increasingly frustrated with the Sheehan administration, but also because we have reached an unacceptable point in this country where every Republican is viewed as an insurrectionist, every Democrat is viewed as an anarchist, and bipartisanship is a dirty word. While we have fundamental differences, I believe that we both desire to see a vibrant, thriving Albany. The first step towards finding compromise is having a conversation, even if it’s civil discourse.”

View the conversation in its entirety, below, or click here to watch:


Alicia Purdy Talks Democrat Support, Campaign Growth with ‘Focus on Albany’

July 18, 2021, Albany, NY — Alicia Purdy, who is running for Mayor of Albany against incumbent Kathy Sheehan, spoke with Cynthia Pooler from “Focus on Albany” about the exponential growth of “The People’s Mayor” campaign, and receiving the support of Democrats in Albany who have turned their back on Sheehan.

According to Purdy:

“The campaign for “The People’s Mayor” has become a movement of people across the city, the county, the state and the country who have a vested interest in removing the failed leadership in City Hall and seeing an era of transformation in Albany. Democrats in the city of Albany have stepped up to help as much as Republicans have and that is exactly in line with the vision I have for Albany- a city filled with diversity, but united in our love for the city and our commitment to its transformation.”

“In Albany, the ratio of Democrats to Republicans is roughly 9 to 1 and while it seems like an impossible job, it’s not! It is widely known that the incumbent is deeply disliked, has lost the faith and trust of Albany and is an incapable leader who has invited chaos and death into our city. My plan for Albany’s future, “Operation T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.” has ignited vision and hope from everyone across the city- Democrats, Republicans, progressives, conservatives, “no party” voters, city employees, police officers, community organizers, everyday residents, business owners, developers, landlords and everyone in between. A vote for Alicia Purdy is not a vote for a political party nor an ideology. A vote for Alicia Purdy is a vote for Albany- the city we love and want to see transformed!”

Click below for the full audio of the interview:


Paul Vandenburgh Chats with Alicia Purdy on Talk 1300

July 10, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany Mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spent an hour at the Capital Region’s Talk 1300 on The Paul Vandenburgh Show discussing her unique approach to addressing Albany’s many issues and needs as a Mayor. The wide-ranging conversation covered a number of subjects including Alicia’s personal history to strategies for winning the office of Mayor to working with Albany’s Common Council, which currently is comprised of 15 members all of whom are from one, single political party. Alicia also spoke to a caller who has spent months attempting harass her. Click below to hear Alicia’s response and to listen to the full interview.

According to Purdy:

Paul Vandenburgh is well-respected and well-known in the Capital Region, especially in Albany where he has been a vocal critic of incumbent mayor, Kathy Sheehan for her corruption and ineptitude and gross mismanagement of Albany. As a candidate for mayor who is running the most aggressive, energetic, bold campaign to win, it was an enjoyable conversation and an important one. People across the entire Capital Region are affected by what happens in Albany, especially our crime, which funnels outward like tentacles and creeps into every area, within every demographic, and every socio-economic condition- and people are fed up and angry.

As mayor, I have taken a firm stance against the lawlessness that has been allowed to overtake our city by the failed policies and flaccid approaches of the current administration. But I cannot do this alone. It will take the financial support, (click here to donate) the connections and relationships and the collective efforts of every person across the Capital Region who is affected by the city of Albany and wants to see true transformation- starting with its leadership.”

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Alicia Purdy Unveils Plan for Albany’s Future, Calls for Resignation of Incumbent Mayor

July 7, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy stood in front of Albany’s City Hall on July 6 and called for the resignation of incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan, “effective immediately” for a litany of undisputed leadership failures and Sheehan’s widely criticized campaign corruption. Purdy also pointed out Sheehan’s “fiscal mismanagement, the lack of transparency and accountability and the destructive policies that have devastated our economy, the liveability and the reputation of the city Albany.”

Purdy soundly rejected Sheehan’s “Restart Albany” plan for “its lack of creativity, innovation and imagination and for its crooked political priorities and thievery from the people of Albany” and announced her plan, “Operation: T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M” which will be unveiled in a series of press conferences throughout the summer.

According to Purdy, “Albany’s current mayor committed to the city that she would not run for a third term and then she rescinded that commitment when she decided that her experience would benefit the city in the future, setting herself up as yet another legacy mayor, another entrenched Albany monarch. What experience has shown us is that experience means absolutely nothing when it comes to one’s ability to lead well and manage effectively. This seemingly minor example holds massive implications for the city of Albany’s future because it proves that Sheehan cares more about power and politics than people- and that is why her administration continues to fail in this city. Our city has become desperate for a mayor who is transparent, keeps promises and leads by example, and supports the city through deliverables and accountability that directly affect the people who live here.”

“My campaign will not focus on the negative, but it is imperative we start here- these are the facts of the case, and they are all negative. Under my leadership as mayor, we can finally begin to work toward transforming our city and focusing on our many positives.”

Among other things, Purdy issued a series of charges against Sheehan including:

  • Overlooking local candidates in law enforcement and instead choosing a disconnected police chief who has repeatedly abandoned the city in times of need
  • Padding the city’s COVID Relief panel with wealthy elites, big development corporations who sit on boards with her, known political cronies and allies, and personal friends to make decisions over the top of Albany’s every day people
  • Failing to proactively address the city’s soaring crime, failing to hold people accountable for their actions and inviting chaos by declaring “we are a city of protestors”
  • Purchasing the election with a $380,000 personal loan to herself to avoid fundraising
  • Taking illegal campaign donations, participating in an illegal raffle and gifting tickets to “Hamilton” to her friends in exchange for campaign donations
  • Failing to manage the city of Albany to the point where the county has had to repeatedly step in
  • Siphoning $520,000 of tax money for unitemized “personal expenses” in the 2020 budget during the financial hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic while pretending to take a pay cut.

The full issue of charges, the unveiling of Purdy’s plan and vision for Albany can be viewed in its entirety below:


Alicia Purdy Celebrates Filipino Independence Day in Albany

July 3, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy joined with hundreds of Albany’s Filipino community as they celebrated Philippine

Independence Day with a parade that ended in a day-long festival in Washington Park and numerous cultural festivities including Filipino music, dancing, vendors, businesses and food as well as additional performances by local artists.

According Purdy:

“I was honored to be invited to march in the parade and speak at the very first Independence Day celebration with Albany’s vibrant Filipino community! I have traveled to the Philippines and have a first-hand knowledge of the rich beauty and history of this wonderful culture. I was proud to stand among my friends and enjoy this wonderful day. While other cities cancelled their parades and celebrations, multiple groups from across New York State came into Albany to celebrate the Independence Day of the Philippines and that is a testament to the hard work, commitment and love of those who put this momentous day together.”

I look forward to working with the Filipino community as mayor to help solidify their fair representation as nurses at Albany Med and to coming alongside our Filipino friends and neighbors in the future to continue to create visibility and opportunities for their expression and vitality in Albany.”

Click below to watch Alicia Purdy’s speech to Albany’s Filipino community:

Alicia Purdy Speaks to Donors About Albany’s Future, Albany Primary

July 1, 2021, Albany, NY — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy addressed the results of the June 22nd Democrat primary and shared words of hope and vision to a full house at the Albany Pump Station during her first fundraiser of the campaign season.

According to Purdy, “One third of the abysmal turnout on Primary Day was against incumbent mayor Kathy Sheehan and very few within her own party even bothered to show up, which is significant and sends a clear message that Albany has lost faith in its leadership. Primary Day unfolded exactly according to my prediction with a historically low performance at the polls. It’s not that people are apathetic in Albany as some media outlets have claimed. The reality is that people in Albany are sick of the status quo and that was clearly reflected at the polls.”

During her speech, Purdy exposed the unresponsive journalism and lackluster reporting from local media about her campaign, and she revealed the name of her plan for transforming the city of Albany, which will be formally unveiled in the coming days. And, she said:

“As “The People’s Mayor”, I think differently about people in the city of Albany, differently than anyone else has in the past 100 years. The current administration sees people as the problem. Alicia Purdy, “The People’s Mayor” sees people as the solution. That is what transforms a city. That is what guides spending. That is what addresses crime and holds people accountable for their actions. People, not policies, are the solution to the problems we have. You cannot bury problems under more money, and more programs. After the worst decade this city has ever seen, people in Albany are ready to move in a new direction with their leadership- and now that I’ve stepped up, there is finally hope for our future.”

Click below to listen to the entire speech

Alicia Purdy and Albany Landlord Talk Economic Effects of City Blight

June 18, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy released another installment of “The Listening Tour”, a series of conversations with people she meets on the campaign trail who hail from all walks of life around the city of Albany. Alicia spoke with Wayne, an owner-occupied landlord who is watching his retirement drain away from the city’s enormous blight issue, while the city doesn’t even answer his many calls, emails and messages. Wayne’s perspective as a taxpaying, good landlord in Albany is one of many like him- and he’s ready to speak up.

According to Purdy:

“People in the city of Albany don’t feel heard- and they haven’t been- for a hundred years! From uprooting trees in Lincoln Park to failing to address everyday liveability issues like potholes, while passing the buck on blight, and failing to support the communities by building a stronger, more comprehensive police force- Albany’s city leadership continues to fail because people are not their priorities. In Albany, people are simply the byproduct of policies crafted to build a personal legacy- and they are fully aware of this shameful approach to leadership.”

“I have spent years building a reputation for being someone who loves people and for being a person of action, compassion and hard work- and that’s something the city has never had before! As Mayor of Albany, our many issues will finally be addressed by a leader who is capable of bringing people together, building trust, and leading by example.”

*NOTE TO PRESS: If you are on a deadline, please note that in your communication.


Alicia Purdy Pens Open Letter to NY Post After “A Sad Decline into Mayhem”

June 29, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany Mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy penned an open letter to NY Post columnist Bob McManus in response to his May 24 article, “A Spate of Shootings Underscores Albany’s Sad Decline into Mayhem.”

In the article, McManus, a former writer for the Albany Times Union who was born and raised in Albany, decried the shootings that have traumatized Albany and, he wrote, “…cowardice calls the shots at City Hall [and] there is more of the same elsewhere in Albany.” McManus also spoke pointedly to the lack of police presence, the “impotent” attempts at Albany’s incumbent mayor and police chief at addressing violence in the city and, he wrote, “Albany is so small that its failures — its shamefully timid leadership and its absence of civic self-respect — is disproportionately obvious. And so it is that much more difficult to avoid when the bullets fly.”

Read the original NY Post article here.

In response to the article, Alicia Purdy issued this open letter to the editor:

Dear Editor, 

I was as much publicly dismayed as I was secretly delighted to be on the receiving end of the clipped tones that permeated the commentary by Bob Mc Manus in “A Spate of Shootings Underscores Albany’s Sad Decline into Mayhem”. The piece read like a heavy sigh timed with a disappointed shake of the head like a knowing lover whose ex had gotten pregnant by another while on the rebound. I couldn’t deny Bob’s words, as much as I wanted to defend our dear city of Albany, and, in an era where everyone is afraid to speak up, someone had to say it: Currently, it sucks to be us.

I am campaigning for Mayor of Albany against our Democrat incumbent, Kathy Sheehan, who is not living her best life at the moment. [She was recently openly insulted by her own party with an all-time abysmal turnout in the Dem primary] I am running on both the Republican and Conservative lines, which has drawn equal parts fascination and mockery, from people so institutionalized by 100 years of single-party rule in our city that they cannot comprehend a candidate who could step onto the stage and throw a punch that lands, in their defense.

Bob was, sadly, accurate that “traumatized locals…have come by their fears honestly.” Indeed, we are all wrestling with fear as we drive down the street to pick up Chinese food downtown and hope a stray bullet from a disenfranchised youth doesn’t lodge in our throats. It’s a real, very palatable state of being in Albany. It is not popular to criticize Kathy’s use of social gatherings, photo ops, BBQ’s and her spending on pet projects to silently beg people to love her because the narrative in Albany is that she is well liked, well connected and is surrounded by a cackle of loyalist Tories who will go for the jugular on Twitter, which is, apparently, more terrifying to some than shots fired- but I’ve never been one to worry about popularity- and that is why Bob is my new hero.

What now, though, Bob? I am the one swimming against the “very strong tide” you mentioned, running for Mayor because I believe in our Albany and while I am willing to press on and very capable of swimming strong, I’ll admit I have been disappointed in the lackluster response of Republicans in power across the state who have a monumental stake in my win and should be pouring into its assurance with reckless abandon. Have we become too accustomed to losing? Albany is the capital city of the greatest state in America (despite Cuomo’s best attempts to dismantle it with those big hands) and I believe it is not too late for us. I believe Albany can become the greatest small city in America. I am confident and informed that our current Mayor is terrified of the clear and present danger presented by Alicia Purdy, “The People’s Mayor”, the Un-Kathy and, perhaps for the first time in 100 years, the divine-right absolutism of Albany’s ruling class will see its demise.

We all know that bullets fly for a number of reasons, and I won’t pretend a new Mayor will solve every problem we face- but, indeed, a new Mayor is the first and most important step. Four more years of Sheehan’s flaccid, pandering, reactive, performative leadership could be a literal death knell for some of us- our economy, our residents and our law enforcement alike. Albany truly wants peace, but we suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, in love with our captor so deeply that peace, to us, is simply a day without being chained under the bed or absent another beating. Local liberal media is terrified to whisper my name in case Kathy catches wind. Local conservative media is scared to love me in case I break their hearts. Yet, I am the strongest contender for transformation this city has ever seen. I have come to set Albany free- Will anyone step up to help? Many have, but many more remain in hiding or are still asleep or cannot envision a historic win in Albany. Where are our heroes? Where is the Cavalry? I am the crack in the dam. My win is a win for not only the city of Albany, but also for the state and, dare I say, the nation.

Thank you, Bob, for your words, as sad as I was at their accuracy. There is work to be done, but I know that Albany is ready. The question is: Do they know it? I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Sincerely, ~Alicia Purdy

P.S. As a young journalist with a burgeoning career, I once aspired to write for the Times Union until I decided that getting paid bupkis to write PR puff pieces for the Democratic party was not resume-worthy. I’ve repeatedly attempted to get them to stop sending the paper to me for free, however, in their defense, they do burn up nicely and without too much ash in the firepit.


Alicia Purdy Speaks with Disability Rights NY

June 17, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy participated in a forum with Disability Rights NY, a protection and advocacy system and client assistance program that advocates for the civil and legal rights for New Yorkers with disabilities. During the forum, participants asked Purdy questions about her perspectives on protecting and advocating for Albany’s disabled population.

According to Purdy:

“I am a firm believer that adaptations for disabled persons have universal benefit. As someone who grew up with a physically disabled individual in the home, I am well aware of the shortcomings that Albany has in how the disabled community are accommodated. From snow removal on sidewalks to cutouts to access sidewalks, to lagging, sloppy trash removal to a failure to replace the batteries in verbal crossing signals, housing, mental health support and more, Albany’s disabled residents are continually overlooked and dismissed, shoved to the back of the line for spending and are largely ignored by City Hall and its lackluster leadership- who couldn’t be bothered to attend this forum. In fact, I was gravely disappointed when I was informed at the event itself that, in the midst of the forum, another tired, tone deaf statement about caring for the disabled had been issued in lieu of actually being present for Albany’s disabled residents.”

“As “The People’s Mayor”, my platform is the people of Albany, which no other mayor in our city’s history has ever bothered to build upon, and I will address the liveability of all of Albany’s residents without pandering, hat in hand, to the wealthy or bowing in fear to the mobs. Every resident in Albany is important and valued- rich or poor, abled or disabled, young or old, of every color, lifestyle, religion and culture- all will finally have a choice and a voice with The People’s Mayor. As a community of diverse individuals, our best days are head of us, as a new administration prepares to take office and revitalize the city of Albany for the people who live here.”

Click below to view the forum:

CONTACT ALICIA for interviews, comments, Q&A forums, town hall meetings, questions and to participate in “The Listening Tour”:


Alicia Purdy Talks Post-Mayoral Forum Review with Focus on Albany

June 15, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke about her experience during the June mayoral forum with Cynthia Pooler, host of “Focus on Albany”, and addressed how the upcoming elections in November will affect the city of Albany with a transformation in leadership.

According to Purdy:

“People in Albany were thrilled to see their candidates square off on the city’s most important issues. One hundred years of single-party rule in our great city has exhausted our city’s resources, financially drained its residents and driven away taxpaying, hard-working people into the suburbs. If those issues weren’t bad enough, crime has brought us all to our breaking point. As a journalist, I have been deeply disappointed in our local media who have, unfortunately, sought to control the narrative by omission in favor of one candidate over another. Albany’s mayoral forum was a great opportunity to let the people of Albany get to know me better, which they deserve, and Cynthia Pooler is to be commended for her even-handed approach to local politics and giving airtime to all candidates, especially at the crucial mayoral level.”

“I look forward to participating in future events. In the forum and in my interview with Cynthia, I did what I will always do- speak honestly about the issues, without dodging questions or reframing the truth, and be up front with what I bring to the table- and it is my hope that the residents of Albany will be better served by the local TV stations, radio and print media they so trust.”

To schedule an interview, obtain a comment, host a fundraiser, get a lawn sign, and to participate in the campaign, contact Alicia Purdy:


Local Couple Discusses Liveability Issues with Alicia Purdy

June 14, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy released another installment of “The Listening Tour”, a series of conversations with people she meets on the campaign trail who hail from all walks of life around the city of Albany. Sam and Wilson recently watched helplessly as a young child was hit by a car on a street they have repeatedly asked the mayor’s office for help with. Alicia Purdy listens as they share the issue that affect their daily lives in Albany and why “The People’s Mayor” is what the city needs for lasting transformation.

According to Purdy:

“Albany neighbors Sam and Wilson have taken many of the city’s children into their home. They care for their street. They are well-known in their neighborhood and want to see their city thrive. Yet, they have been affected by gun violence, a lack of proper care on their street and a deaf ear at City Hall. This, sadly, is just one of many stories in our city where everyday people struggle without much-needed city resources put toward their liveability, even as construction is ramping up on the Skyway, costing millions and putting the tax burden squarely on the shoulders of Albany’s residents when the investors leave town.”

“The People’s Mayor” campaign is truly about the people and that resonates with them. The appalling mismanagement of the city’s budget and our many resources has led to our shabby, shantytown reputation in the capital city of New York State. Even apart from crime, our city is overrun with lawless behavior and our trashy appearance attracts crime. It’s a shame, and it will never change until the city’s leadership changes and that is what compels me each day to work hard for the people of Albany and our collective future.”


Alicia Purdy Recognizes National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Month – For immediate release

June 8, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy recognized National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 5th by walking with communities from in and around the city during the “Stop the Violence Unity March”. The march, which was supported by numerous concerned groups throughout Albany like 518 Snug and Urban Grief, began at Swinburne Park and went down to the area around the Grand St. Community Arts Center where participants continued to highlight lives lost and to speak out on the national issue of increased civilian violence with illegal guns, which continues to have devastating local impacts.

According to Purdy:

“Albany deserves a mayor who is willing to get to where the people are, to listen to their voices, and to strive to understand their perspectives. Unfortunately, the city of Albany – across all demographics – feels unheard and unseen and that will not change without a transformative shift in leadership. When it comes to civilian acts of violence with illegal guns, I have been clear from the beginning of my campaign that the social, emotional and financial pressure of single-minded, groupthink on this subject in Albany is leading to the death of Albany’s residents, disproportionally traumatizing our African American community. The perspective in City Hall about what it means to care for and protect black lives in Albany has not led to any meaningful movement toward the actual deliverable of improving and saving black lives in our city.

“The leadership in Albany has set its residents up to fail with policies that are soft on crime, excuse-making for the lawlessness that pervades our streets, reactive policing and bland community safety efforts, and the historically racist governing policies in Albany that continue to suppress black voices, keep them impoverished and put black residents in Albany directly in harm’s way. Civilian violence with illegal guns must be met with swift action and a concentrated effort from law enforcement, law makers, and the communities themselves, as well as with creative thinking, and input from others who have weathered this terrible storm. However, with the fractured approach to these issues in the current administration and the endless committee meetings and lack of cohesion among influential city leadership, I have a grave concern for the black lives in Albany leading into the summer. Albany needs a mayor whom all residents of the city can trust, respect and work with, and until we have that, as a first step, black lives will continue to suffer from 100 years of a ruling party with status quo, holding pattern, shelter-in-place approaches to their urgent needs.”

During the “Unite” march, Purdy spent time walking, speaking with and observing the voices raised from the diverse group of people who had united to speak out about the violence that has permeated their communities. Pictured above, Alicia Purdy stands with Jerome Brown, Director at Albany’s 518 SNUG and Lisa W. Good, founder and coordinator of the community based project called Urban Grief which works to increase awareness about trauma, and grief/loss, associated with violence exposure.

Below is a brief video taken during the march. Alicia’s additional remarks on the event can be heard at the 11 min. mark:

Alicia Purdy Celebrates Local WWI Hero Henry Johnson – For immediate release

June 7, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy joined Albany residents as well as Albany city and county leadership to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the enlistment of Henry Johnson into the all-Black 369th U.S. Army Infantry Regiment during World War I. During the event, a wreath was laid at Henry Johnson’s statue in Arbor Hill bearing the colors of the 369th— burgundy, gray, and white. Local historians and leaders took turns sharing aspects of Henry Johnson’s life, and Ronald Wilson, president of the Albany District of the 369th Veterans Association, recounted the story of how Johnson not only rescued fellow soldier, 17-year-old Private Needham Roberts, while singlehandedly repelling an enemy raid in Northern France, but at the same time, he sustained 21 wounds and continued to battle bravely.

According to Purdy:

“I was, once again, moved by the life of local hero, Henry Johnson, as his story was told to celebrate his heroic service to the United States of America. Albany is filled with a diversity of stories of men and women who have given everything to change the world, one life at a time, and Henry Johnson is an exceptional example of the power of the human spirit. However, because of the acceptable social norms of racism in Johnson’s day, his heroic acts were dismissed, downplayed and soon forgotten- a true injustice. Today, however, Johnson has been posthumously awarded a number of well-deserved honors, including the Presidential Medal of Honor and events like these are significant because they help keep the memories alive of hometown heroes from communities that are rich with stories of American exceptionalism.

As Mayor of Albany, I will continue to reach into our city’s many diverse communities in order to facilitate communication, seek out pathways upon which our African American residents can travel to success, showcase African American heroes that will inspire future generations and prioritize the rebuilding of Albany’s destroyed economy through meaningful support of black-owned businesses and homeownership, and opportunities to break out of the ghettos and slums that they have been relegated to by Albany’s ruling class, who have repeatedly victimized and stripped the black community bare over the past 100 years.”

To learn more about Albany’s hometown hero Henry Johnson, read his biography from the U.S. Army as well as The Albany Institute of History & Art.


Alicia Purdy Hits on Albany’s Major Issues in First Mayoral Forum – For immediate release

June 2, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy expounded on her platform as “The People’s Mayor” and responded with her position on many of Albany’s major issues in the first mayoral forum of the 2021 election season. Purdy, who is running on both the Conservative and Republican ballot lines, was joined by Democrat incumbent Kathy Sheehan and Democrat challenger Rev. Valerie Faust. Each candidate was asked questions from residents who submitted their questions in the days leading up to the forum. Questions ranged from the drastic spike in shootings in Albany to the holiday lights in Washington Park, to unrest and tension between the Albany Police Department and the community, the Community Police Review Board, LGBTQ+ issues, rebuilding Albany, addressing blight, tackling the garbage and Rapp Road landfill concerns, infrastructure, small business, taxes and vision for the future of Albany and much more, to give residents a better understanding of how each candidate would lead the city of Albany over the next four years.

Each candidate was given 90 seconds to answer each question.*

According to Purdy,

“I was excited to participate in the first mayoral forum of the 2021 election cycle and I am looking forward to many more. There was an obvious contrast between my vision for the city of Albany over the next four years and the vision of incumbent Kathy Sheehan, and as I have said before, this election will be the most significant election in the city of Albany in a generation. As we emerge out of a global pandemic and address its many effects, the city of Albany cannot sustain another four years of the status quo. Our city has been in a holding pattern without any meaningful progress for decades. We are on the precipice of a new season of transformation under my leadership, or we face four more years of continued decay, oversight, mismanagement, endless squabbling and chaos while Albany’s residents suffer, its communities remain grossly underserved and vulnerable, and our much-needed police force continues to hemorrhage personnel who have been demoralized, defunded through backdoor channels and betrayed by the leadership in Albany.

“…as the head goes, so goes the body…”

I encourage every resident, business owner, taxpayer, employee, student, lawmaker, landlord, committee members, every educator and community leader to take the time to watch the mayoral forum and gain a better understanding of where each candidate stands on these important issues as we elect a new mayor in November. The differences are clear and significant, and as “The People’s Mayor”, I spoke honestly, I called out discrepancies in the presentation of the facts, I pushed back against the status quo, and I openly challenged the shameful policies that have led Albany into economic depression, social unrest and set the tone for chaos and rampant criminal behavior. I was proud to stand with and for the people of Albany, and this mayoral forum was an excellent and welcomed opportunity to let the city of Albany see for themselves the kind of leadership I represent for our collective future together.


*Special thanks goes to Zachary Simpson, President of the Council of Albany Neighborhoods, as well as the League of Women Voters and the NAACP Albany NY chapter for putting this event together and making sure it ran smoothly, and to Spectrum News host Susan Arbetter for moderating!

Contact Alicia Purdy [] for an interview, comment, fundraiser/meet and greet, to volunteer or ask a question.

**NOTE TO PRESS & MEDIA: If you are on a deadline, please note that in your communication. Also, during your reporting, please include a reference for where your viewers/readers can access the forum. It is embedded below, and can also be viewed at the NAACPNY Facebook page.

Alicia Purdy Talks Campaign, Plans and Platform with ABC’s WTEN For immediate release

May 30, Albany, N.Y. — Mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spoke with local ABC affiliate News Channel 10 about her reaction to the recent gun violence that has affected the city.

“My reaction, like everybody else in the city of Albany, is shock, dismay, pain, sadness, fear,” Purdy said. Changing this, according to Purdy, starts with a drastic transformation in leadership. According to Purdy, a new mayor won’t magically make all the city’s problems disappear, but it’s the first and most important step toward getting the city back on track.

“One of the things I tell people, is be careful of the promises made in an election year by incumbent leadership,” Purdy said, “because if nothing has changed, nothing will change, and everything just becomes rhetoric.”

Purdy feels the city’s approach to crime is passive and reactive instead of preventative.

“When they come out and say, ‘This has to stop, we demand better,’ I don’t buy it, because what is the motivation to change? Because it’s “getting bad”? It’s been getting bad for decades,” said Purdy.

Click here to read the rest of the interview with News Channel 10.

VIDEO 1: Alicia Purdy speaks with WTEN’s Guiliana Bruno about the city’s spike in violent crime.

VIDEO 2: An extended interview with Alicia Purdy about her perspective on leading Albany into a new season, addressing the city’s many needs and how her platform presents something Albany has never seen before.

To contact Alicia for a statement or interview, or to schedule a meet and greet or fundraiser, to volunteer on the campaign or to be part of “The Listening Tour”, email


Alicia Purdy to Participate in Candidate Forum with NAACP, CANA and League of Women Voters – For immediate release

May 27, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate, Alicia Purdy, who is running on the Conservative and Republican lines, will be featured on a multi-candidate Q&A forum sponsored by the Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations, the NAACP Albany NY Branch and the League of Women Voters. During the event, Purdy will publicly present her position on a number of significant issues in the city of Albany.

Topics on the agenda range from policing in minority communities and the Albany Community Police Review Board, to shootings and street crimes, the modifications being made in Lincoln Park, the holiday lights display in Washington Park, and a diminished tax base, as well as other pertinent issues in the city.

According to Purdy:

“This year’s mayoral election will be the most critical election in a generation in the city of Albany. It is imperative that Albany residents understand who their candidates are and that they are informed of the plans each candidate has for their city. I believe that it is a fundamental right of every citizen to have access to their leadership and, to my dismay, I frequently hear from people about Albany’s history of secrecy and inaccessibility in City Hall. This event will provide Albany’s residents important information about the candidates who are running for the office of Mayor of Albany, and will present each platform first-hand so that Albany’s residents can make an informed choice about the future of our city when they fill out their ballots.

I encourage every resident, every business owner and landlord, every student, every politician across the state, every lawmaker, every neighborhood leader, every relative and friend of an Albany resident, every person who visits Albany or conducts business in the city to watch and participate in this significant event. Albany is the capital city of the greatest state in America, and if we are going to see our city transform after decades of struggle, the people of Albany will be those who must demand it. This forum is a tremendous opportunity to start the process of finally turning the tide in our favor in our great city.”

The online forum will take place on June 1, 2021 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Democrat incumbent Kathy Sheehan and her primary Democrat challenger Valerie Faust will also be presenting their platforms during the event. Susan Arbetter, host of Spectrum News Capital Tonight, will moderate the forum.

Voters may submit questions in advance of the event, until May 30, through an online form at To contact Alicia for a statement or interview, or to schedule a meet and greet, fundraiser, or to be part of “The Listening Tour”, email


Alicia Purdy Launches “The Listening Tour” -For immediate release

May 27, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy has announced the launch of “The Listening Tour” as part of the next leg of her campaign for Mayor of Albany. Purdy, who is running as “The People’s Mayor” frequently travels around the city of Albany and speaks with everyday people about their personal experiences as residents in New York’s capital city.

Click below to watch the inaugural episode of “The Listening Tour” with Alicia Purdy, The People’s Mayor.

What is one thing Alicia Purdy has learned while filming The Listening Tour?

According to Purdy:

“One of the most surprising things I have learned about the city of Albany is how many times residents have taken the initiative to reach out to the mayor’s office about issues that matter to them, only to have their calls, emails, public comments and even visits, completely disregarded, their needs never met. These issues range in nature from a dark area in the South End where it’s dangerous at night and simply needs the light bulbs replaced, to exposed, live wires on the ground in the Whitehall area to blighted buildings everywhere the city ignores that are filled with vermin which creep into neighbor’s homes– and the list goes on!”

As “The People’s Mayor”, I am committed not only to listening to the people, but also to taking action on their many needs- at last! Under my leadership, the city of Albany will have a completely overhauled system of citizen communication where people will have a clear path to important city information and accessing city leadership, and will finally have their voices heard, their needs met and their issues addressed.”

To stay updated about the campaign, click here to subscribe.

PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Issues Statement on Shooting Deaths and Albany’s Continued Gun Violence – For immediate release

May 24, 2021, Albany, N.Y. — Alicia Purdy, the Republican and Conservative candidate for Mayor of Albany, issued a statement regarding the escalation of shootings and deaths from gun violence that have terrorized the city for the past several weeks.

“…this election will be the most significant election in a generation in this city…”

According to Purdy, Albany’s leadership has been grossly compromised over the past two terms by myopic agendas and policies that waste precious, city resources and put the residents of the city at continued, significant risk. In the city of Albany, year-to-date, homicides have doubled over last year. Random, daytime shootings have taken place multiple times in the past four days alone, striking down high school graduates, local business owners and other innocent citizens. In the past several weeks, police have recovered piles of empty shell casings from around the dead bodies that lay in the streets.

In her statement, Purdy pointed out that the election in November will set the tone for the future of Albany and she urged Albany residents to stand up and insist with their vote that the city of Albany has had enough of systemic leadership failures.

According to Purdy:

Our hearts are shattered today and as the summer unfolds, our story will continue to be written- but how will it end? My heart, my efforts, my passion, my tears and my prayers are with my friends and neighbors in the city of Albany I’ve heard the anger. The mistrust. The pain. The suspicion that no one really cares and nothing will ever change. My heart is broken for the people who have been devastated and will forever carry their pain with them... The answers aren’t easy. These are painful, ugly, long-standing issues we grapple with, but our city is not too far gone. This city can be turned around – but not without a fundamental transformation in leadership...”

“…as the summer draws near, our story is still being written, but how will it end?”

View the full statement from The People’s Mayor, Alicia Purdy, here:

Note to Press & Media: To schedule an interview or obtain a comment, contact Alicia Purdy directly. If you are on a deadline, please note that in your communication. Remember that the people of Albany rely on you to present the facts of the city’s mayoral race, to give each candidate on the ballot an equal amount of on-air/print exposure, and to remain neutral in your coverage of each candidate.


PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Celebrates “Blue Friday” to Honor Local Police Officers For immediate release

ALBANY, N.Y., April 30, 2021 – Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy spent the morning with police officers from around the Capital Region to honor current and former police officers and to affirm her support of law enforcement in the city of Albany, and across the region.

According to BFNY President Pat Fox, a former Albany police officer, the 18th annual “Blue Friday of New York” was planned to raise funds for officers and their families, and to recognize the sacrifices made by the men and women in blue.

In a statement Alicia Purdy said:

“Being a police officer in New York State is an increasingly difficult job for men and women who signed up to serve their communities. Because of political pressure, cancel culture and mob rule, our brave men and women in blue lack the necessary protections and support they need from their local governments and, as a result, recruitment has plummeted, and officers are leaving the force in the largest numbers ever seen. This means that not only are the remaining police force left vulnerable, but also the communities that need their protection, emergency services and aid are exposed to rising crime rates and violence.

As mayor, I will give the Albany Police Department the support they need to become the best they can be, so our communities can once again thrive and live without fear; and I will ensure that lawless individuals, who have been allowed to terrorize and torment the residents in our city, face their day of reckoning. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the men and women who bravely serve in law enforcement in the city of Albany for their continued courage amid adversity.”

To learn more, visit or Facebook: @AliciaPurdy4Mayor

To contact Alicia, email:

To schedule Alicia for an interview, meeting, discussion or another campaign-related event, contact the campaign via email. *If you are on a deadline and need a response by a specific time or date, please note that in your communication.


PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Issues Statement Regarding Albany Protests – For immediate release

ALBANY, N.Y., April 26, 2021 — The following statement was issued by Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy, regarding the protests, riots and ensuing occupation surrounding the Albany Police Department’s South Station on Arch Street:

“I watched in dismay and horror, along with my fellow residents in Albany, as events unfolded over a six-day period downtown as Black Lives Matter protestors escalated their demonstrations into a full-blown assault on and occupation of the areas surrounding South Station. Along with my fellow residents in Albany and countless thousands of others:

I witnessed Albany police officers being subjected to unrestrained abuse.

I saw protestors deface the South Station with spray paint, hate speech signage, feces, urine and trash.

With tears in my eyes, I watched BLM organizers viciously attack Capital City Rescue Mission CEO Perry Jones, and I read his open letter to Mayor Kathy Sheehan begging for help. I saw protestors climbing on top of Albany police cars, smoking, drinking and waving BLM flags. I witnessed protestors shouting hate speech and profanity day and night, sleeping in tents, setting fires in the streets and tormenting friends and neighbors who live in that area.

I wondered, along with my fellow Albany residents, why current mayor, Kathy Sheehan, and current police chief, Eric Hawkins: 1) Did not step forward to make any public statements during the 6-day occupation. 2) Did not call for an immediate end to the assault, 3) Did not offer public support to the Albany Police. 4) Did not make any public attempts to facilitate peace nor calm protestors, 5) Did not enforce city codes pertaining to public behavior, 6) Did not protect the residents of Albany who live in the surrounding areas from endless noise, fires, drug use, profanity, violence and domestic terrorism perpetuated by protestors, 7) Did not call for reinforcements or other aid on the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, or the fifth day. 8) Did not remove the occupation encampment immediately.

I share with my fellow residents a deep sense of betrayal and shame for how Mayor Sheehan and Police Chief Eric Hawkins handled the occupation situation. Before the occupation incident, on the first night of the BLM movement coming into Albany, when the protest descended into an anarchist state of chaos, destruction and debauchery, Mayor Kathy Sheehan issued a statement in which she said, in part, that Albany is, “…a city of protestors…”, and in which she said in part, “…we welcome protestors…”.

As a candidate for Mayor of the City of Albany:

  1. I denounce and reject Kathy Sheehan’s statements in their entirety.
  2. I support the Albany Police Department and their right to work in an environment free from domestic terrorism and abuse.
  3. I reject the vitriol, violence, mayhem and anarchy of any and all protests that would seek to use chaos and fear as a means of communication.
  4. I condemn Mayor Sheehan’s absenteeism and permissive facilitation of mayhem and her failure to act quickly to uphold the law and protect the residents of Albany.
  5. I condemn Chief Eric Hawkins’ thinly veiled blame shifting onto APD.
  6. I commit that, as mayor, I will not tolerate domestic terrorism in any form, and that all forms of insurrection will be met with a swift end.”


PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Honors Capital District Patriot Flight – For immediate release

ALBANY, N.Y., April 12, 2021 – Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy met with the Capital District Patriot Flight to show her gratitude and honor to the brave veterans who fought in the war efforts of the United States over the past century.

According to Purdy, “Our brave, American soldiers represent the best among us- those who willingly give their lives to defend the lives and rights of others they may never meet, they may never agree with, and they may never understand. Even so, they willingly defend the rights of the constitution for every American. Such heroes are the foundation upon which our great nation was built. It was my great honor to spend time with veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Gulf War, and to become better acquainted with the real-life heroes living among us in the city of Albany.”

Purdy was awarded a “challenge coin” by PFC Allan Atwell, who served as an MP in the 28th Infantry Division, the oldest division-sized unit in the Department of Defense. Atwell, the last living member of his unit, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, which incurred the highest number of casualties of any effort during World War II. A “challenge coin” is given by a soldier who will then issue a challenge to the recipient, which must be accepted. Atwell’s challenge to Purdy was, “Win the city of Albany.”

To learn more, visit

To contact Alicia, email: Facebook: @AliciaPurdy4Mayor

To schedule Alicia for an interview, meeting, discussion or another campaign-related event, contact the campaign via email.

*If you are on a deadline and need a response by a specific time or date, please note that in your communication.


PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Purdy Earns Two Lines in Albany Mayoral RaceFor immediate release

ALBANY, N.Y., March 31, 2021 – Albany mayoral candidate Alicia Purdy has announced her filing for two lines on the ballot in the November 2021 election cycle. Purdy will run on both the Republican and Conservative lines, which has given her a distinct advantage over Democratic and Independent candidates who traditionally snag the Conservative line in order to appeal to a wider base of voters.

Purdy has found increasing visibility, popularity, and attention for her campaign by branding herself as “The People’s Mayor”, reaching outside of party designations to focus on broadly applicable issues that pertain to people in Albany from all walks of life including residents, workers, small businesses, educators, law enforcement and beyond.

To learn more, visit

To contact Alicia, email:

Facebook: @AliciaPurdy4Mayor

To schedule Alicia for an interview, meeting, discussion or another campaign-related event, contact the campaign via email.

*If you are on a deadline and need a response by a specific time or date, please note that in your communication.


PRESS RELEASE: Local Journalist Alicia Purdy Announces Bid for Albany Mayor
For immediate release

ALBANY, N.Y., Feb. 26, 2021 – Today, Alicia Purdy of Albany, N.Y., announced her candidacy for the office of Mayor of Albany. Purdy is a veteran journalist with a career focus on government, finance and business, and religion.

At a press conference on Feb. 25, on the corner of Swan St. and Madison Ave., with the iconic Albany architecture in the background, Alicia addressed several key issues that have continued to plague the city of Albany during the tenure of incumbent, Democrat mayor Kathy Sheehan including: Violence, crime and shootings, a growing fissure between residents and police, crumbling housing, structures and infrastructure, high taxes with low accountability and deliverables, and poverty.

While Purdy stated her intention to seek the Republican endorsement for her candidacy, she also asserted her belief that ushering in an era of prosperity and stability in the city of Albany would be a multi-faceted approach requiring the collective experiences, skilled leadership and valued input of residents from all perspectives and walks of life.

To learn more about Alicia’s pledge to the city, plans and policies, visit:

To contact Alicia, email:

Facebook: @AliciaPurdy4Mayor

*If you are on a deadline, please note that in your communication.


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