Alicia’s Professional Resume

Radio Journalism: “The Matter at Hand”

Story-form content aggregation mixed with original reporting on issues that pertain to Christians around the world as well as those living in the Capital Region of Upstate New York.


As a seasoned journalist, I am adept at all forms of media, but as a writer and an avid reader, I love to take on projects working with niche writers. Primarily, these are in the faith-based, non-fiction genre, working with authors who have a story tell or a message to convey, but lack the experience, ability or confidence to produce a polished, professional book on their own at an affordable cost.

I provide a range of editorial services from writing assistance and ghost writing to content editing, focus and accuracy, book creation and a path to self publication and marketing. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, reach out!


As a journalist, my campaign for Mayor of Albany, NY, was unique because of the strengths I already had in place from my education and two decades of experience in the field including: Political acumen, branding and social media creation and management, video, radio and television production, website creation, publicity and PR, an understanding of how to attract and engage with the media, create awareness about issues, hold a press conference, write speeches and manage a large team of volunteers.

It was these strengths that created the success of my campaign and, as a total unknown in the political space, I came in second out of four mayoral candidates, an accomplishment I am extremely proud of. While my primary goal was to win, my secondary goal was to disrupt the system, expose major corruption issues ignite people to demand answers from their government and to that end, I won.

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