The T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M. Plan


Albany, NY, is one of the TOP 5 most taxed cities in the Capital Region.

What are the DELIVERABLES for how high your taxes are in Albany?

  • CRIME is up 218% over the past 5 years, according to the FBI
  • POVERTY has exceeded the national level by 43%
  • BLIGHT has become so bad that New York State and Albany County have had to step in to help
  • Over 65% of land in Albany is TAX EXEMPT increasing the burden on everyday residents

As Mayor of Albany, I will address the needs of residents that directly relate to keeping our city safe and provided for through deliverables for our hard-earned tax dollars.

I hold an M.A. in Journalism and I spent 5 years working as the Managing Editor of a company where I spent my time collaborating with CPAs, tax attorneys, real estate brokers, CEOs, money managers, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and angel investors one of the most important things I learned was how to spot a bad investment. The city of Albany under Kathy Sheehan’s chokehold has eroded Albany into a bad investment for tax payers because it has produced NO BENEFICIAL RETURN for your tax investment.

It is obvious to us all that the policies of incumbent Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan have FAILED the people of Albany.

As of Sept, 4, 2021, there have been 67 shootings and 14 homicides in the city, as well as thousands of bullets flying across the city, indiscriminately, out of car windows, across streets and even into homes!

It is time to TRANSFORM the leadership in Albany’s City Hall and use our TAX DOLLARS toward our SAFETY!

As I campaign throughout Albany, I am asked two questions more than any other:

1) What is the city doing about crime?

2) What are my TAXES going toward?

Read below to learn the details of my plan to TRANSFORM TAXES in Albany

As Mayor of Albany, I commit that I will not raise property taxes in the first year of my leadership. During year one, our residents will have a much-needed reprieve using COVID relief funding, so that we can spend that year scrutinizing the city’s expenses, efficiencies, deficiencies, needs, deliverables, transparency, accountability, millions in COVID relief funding and billions in unused grant money to support our transformation.

I commit to a full and transparent accounting of this city’s fiscal priorities. We will fine tune our policies to expose and eliminate wasteful spending and focus our spending on investments that deliver to our residents quality of life in everything from public safety to potholes.

After year one, I am committed to matching every dollar of increased taxes with a dollar of cuts in the city’s budget. I am confident that with better stewardship, a fiscally conservative approach and wiser spending, our budget and tax burden will stabilize and produce a return on our investment.

Kathy Sheena’s multiple failures to manage money have resulted in an annual hat-in-hand begging of the state for relief. What a disgusting embarrassment! The city of Albany can learn to stand on its own two feet and we will beg from no one going forward! Under my leadership as mayor, I commit to focusing on providing actual deliverables that produce swift returns to the quality of life for residents, but we cannot begin our transformation without cutting away the dead, useless, unproductive, diseased parts so new life can grow.

We will wisely use COVID relief funding to provide credits and reduced fees for residents and businesses, to support the expansion of small business presence in our city, representative of our diverse communities and to honoring our neighborhoods ward by ward. We will provide incentives for families to come and put down roots and expand our tax base by swiftly addressing our safety needs, up front.

The city of Albany is loaded down non-religious, tax exempt properties owned by the Kathy Sheehan’s donors and friends, taking up massive swaths of land- like blighted buildings. Kathy Sheehan has allowed our beautiful city to crumble away into a shantytown where crime is rampant and blight and filth overwhelm residents. As Mayor of Albany, I will work with the county directly to get blighted structures torn down and get them back onto the tax roll – ASAP – reducing the mountains of bureaucratic red tape and turning those those negatives into positives. My administration will keep and increase revenue and not give it away to special interest groups who get to remain tax free and burdensome to the people.

Kathy Sheehan’s failed policies have spread Albany residents thin and have distorted the definitions of the powers of taxation this city is granted. Property owners are not the ATM machines of the city- nor should the state be!


Under my leadership, the TRANSFORMATION of Albany will start with addressing our most urgent need and what brings us the most immediate return on our tax investment: SAFETY.

Under incumbent Kathy Sheehan’s failed leadership, most residents of Albany don’t realize that her administration has begun to defund the Albany police department. In the past year alone, $600,000 has been slowly siphoned off of the police budget and reallocated away from safety needs in the city. What could have been done with just that $600,000 in taxpayer money to aid in our safety?

As Mayor of Albany, here is what I will do:

1) Update technology to streamline how Albany police issue reports following an incident with the ability to produce QR codes, scan information, upload pictures and file reports to give to residents.

2) Purchase state-of-the-art self reporting systems for non-violent incidents allowing civilians, social workers and mental health advocates to file reports that a detective can follow up on.

3) Work to bring 9-1-1 dispatch for Albany back into the city of Albany to reduce wait times and increase efficiency.

4) Immediately address the personnel needs of the Albany Police Department that directly relate to keeping our city safe and provided for through hard-earned tax dollars.

5) Prioritize spending for the Albany Police Department that reduces waste and accommodates for DELIVERABLES for taxpayer SAFETY. Here’s just one, small example: Taxpayers in Albany are currently paying up to $70,000 per month in repairs (tire changes, tune ups) for police cars because of contracts with private car dealerships! As mayor, I will create jobs and opportunities by creating well-paid city mechanics who work on police cars and safe the city tens of thousands of dollars per month in tax dollars. I will work with Albany county to repurpose blighted buildings and properties to be used as city locations for in-house car repair for APD vehicles.


How the city of Albany thinks of revenue must be transformed! “What is there to do in Albany?” is a common question and, for the capital city of New York State, Albany has been left to decay.

Tourism is all but dried up. The city is unattractive to visitors, new families, small businesses, innovation and suffering financially without much-needed revenue, which causes taxes to go up- what can be done? PLENTY.

Transforming REVENUE starts with a transformation in our safety, first and foremost.

Tourists aren’t interested in visiting a city with bullets flying, surrounded by blight and trash. Albany’s shabby shantytown reputation must be addressed!

And then? We begin to transform our revenue streams!

Riverfront Vitality: Albany’s beautiful riverfront is an under-utilized and over-regulated area filled with potential revenue. Kathy Sheehan’s micromanaging has threatened the small businesses who want to attract revenue to the waterfront. The city’s endless red tape, permits, fees and fines attract “money”, but not revenue- and it is an unsustainable approach to stewardship!

As Mayor of Albany, I will plow through barriers to open the path for businesses to open kayaking rentals, coffee shops, waterfront activities like fishing and boating, and local eateries. So we can start to bring multi-layered streams of revenue into the city.

City-wide fairs and festivals: The city of Albany loves to celebrate its many cultures! Unfortunately, there is discord, fracturing and fear among communities because of the crime and blight that plague our most challenged areas. While the current administration continues to fumble and drop the ball, the city suffers and dwindles into ongoing poverty.

As Mayor of Albany, our city will bring in fresh streams of revenue with large-scale cultural celebrations that attract tourism, shopping, farmer’s markets, visitors and supports who see themselves represented among our city’s many diverse residents.

Art and History: Albany is filled with a rich history and artists of every kind who are ignored, unsupported and left to flounder in obscurity. Our state museum has been left to grow stale with exhibits that have been in place for generations. We are loaded down with garbage and a landfill that has hit the point of crisis – all areas in which revenue can be brought back into the city!

As Mayor of Albany, I will tackle another layer of our multi-faceted approach to revenue through the development and creation of green, tourism-focused natural attractions and a science museum specific to children and families that will not only bring in revenue to the city, but will also attract tourism dollars and support surrounding local businesses.

But first? WE MUST CREATE A CITY OF SAFETY– and to do that?



Have you ever contacted City Hall by phone, email or the dead-end “See-Click-Fix” initiative? Has anyone from City Hall gotten back to you? If so, what were the results of that?

Promises that weren’t kept. False assurances. Or just a complete failure to follow through. Sadly, the way that the residents in Albany access City Hall has been convoluted and difficult for a reason- Incumbent mayor Sheehan doesn’t want to hear from you!!

As your next Mayor of Albany, I know that PEOPLE are our greatest resource, and how you access your city leadership and how your city accesses you will finally TRANSFORM.

How about this? There are events all through the city of Albany- but you missed out!

Why weren’t you informed? Why didn’t you get the information so you could participate? Why wasn’t your voice heard? What is going on in Albany that you or your kids of family might want to do? PLENTY!!

The city of Albany under Kathy Sheehan as FAILED AGAIN and has done a lazy, horrendous job of accessing the people of Albany who are in need, or who are looking for a resource or who just want to participate in something the city is doing.

Can that be fixed? ABSOLUTELY!

Part One: Transforming How You Access the City

As Mayor of Albany, I have no intention of creating more useless “jobs” with no accountability or concrete deliverables. However, as my administration creates a greater level of efficiency in city government, I commit to forming a dispatch center – a dedicated “Accessibility” department specifically for ensuring that the residents in Albany are able to access the city, and receive an answer, and then action. There will be a team in place to not only direct you to the resource or help that you need, from across this city, right in your neighborhood, but the person representing the city of Albany will pick up the phone and make sure your need is addressed on the spot!

This transformation in accessibility trickles down into everything our city needsincluding public safety.

In Albany, police response times are way too long, but that is NOT the fault of the Albany Police Department! Under Kathy Sheehan, the Albany police have been slowly defunded, and spread way too thin, especially when it comes to non-emergencies! But our city has outdated technologies, and nothing state-of-the-art to allow residents to self-report or to access services that are not urgent. When I am Mayor of Albany, we will transform how you access your city, and there will be a plan in place with accountability and deliverables so that when you access your city leaders, you are answered!

Part Two: Transforming How the City Accesses You

The city of Albany is filled with wonderful people, who have a heart and a passion for the work they are doing to help others. There are resources, opportunities, events and activities, but how you know they are occurring? (Many are scheduled on the exact same day!)

Albany’s current administration has been lazy at accessing you so that you are informed about what’s going on. Why? Because PEOPLE are the problem, for Kathy Sheehan! As “The People’s Mayor”, I see PEOPLE as the SOLUTION!

As Mayor of Albany, my administration will transform how the city of Albany accesses residents with information and that includes building up our public access channel, “Channel Albany”, creating a city text system, and a dedicated “Feet on the Street” team to ensure people in Albany are informed about resources, events and opportunities that they want to take advantage of. No more lazy Facebook posts!

No more silly, empty events- our city deserves better– and “The People’s Mayor” will work to transform the way the city and its PEOPLE interact!


Albany is a city of neighborhoods!

As the capital city of New York State, our neighborhoods are diverse, complex and have a wide range of needs- and the current administration has failed miserably to address the many unique needs of each section of our city.

As “The People’s Mayor”, my focus is on the PEOPLE of Albany, not the politics! Our neighborhoods are in trouble!!

With crime and blight, trauma, lazy leadership and a secret defunding of the Albany Police Department, our beautiful neighborhoods are dying off, disintegrating into a shabby shantytown shooting gallery.

I stepped up to run as Mayor of Albany with that in mind! The Sheehan administration is a proven failure. It’s time for a fresh vision and a fresh set of eyes, an administration that is creative, energetic and hard working!

As Mayor of Albany, my vision to transform our neighborhoods starts with a radical transformation in how the Albany Police Department is utilized and provided for. Public safety is our most urgent need!! We are hemorrhaging officers who hate working in Albany and despise incumbent mayor Sheehan for her multiple betrayals and leadership failures. How do we transform our neighborhoods? By working with PEOPLE who have the same vision and passion for our TRANSFORMATION.

As Mayor of Albany, my vision for our neighborhood TRANSFORMATION includes:

* Partnering with residents to keep streets and blocks clean with an “incentivized volunteerism” program

* Creating positions of leadership within neighborhoods that support resume building, opportunities for growth within the city and a structure of responsibility for youth.

* Supporting and expanding neighborhood initiatives already in place for the distribution of healthy foods, urban farming and education, and programs where families can access   

Poverty. Food insecurity. Blight. Economic opportunities. Equal access to resources. Protection. Education. Responsibility. Childcare. Community centers. Mentorship. All of these, and more, have been misappropriated by Albany’s current administration that spends money and doesn’t return that investment into Albany neighborhoods.

Our city has the resources IN PEOPLE to create an infrastructure of better security on top of a foundation of good people who care, whose hearts are invested in this city, who have a fundamental interest in our success.


Safety + Policing

The safety of Albany residents must be first and foremost. There is no other need in our city that is so crucial to our transformation.

Statistically, violent crimes and homicides are at an all-time high, skyrocketing around 220% year over year in the past 5 years. That is unacceptable!

Albany residents are dying in the streets, struck down by bullets, left to bleed out on the roadside while helpless families watch in terror. What can a new Mayor do to transform the crime crisis in Albany?


Kathy Sheehan’s failed leadership, her reactive style of crisis management and anti-police rhetoric have left Albany’s most challenged residents living in squalor, scraping by and suffering every day from an endless cycle of trauma. It’s time for a TRANFORMATION in Albany- starting with a NEW MAYOR.

A new mayor in Albany is only the first step to transforming our safety and policing- but it is the most crucial first step

~Alicia Purdy

My first order of business as Mayor of Albany will be to immediately get to work on strengthening the Albany Police Department.

Where Kathy Sheehan has secretly begun to defund the Albany Police Department by reallocating massive chunks of their budget, I will make sure funding for Albany police comes FIRST. We will not sacrifice our safety for social agendas!

Part of this plan includes working with APD to get a contract in place that reflects the strength and dignity of Albany, NY, but also provides the people of Albany with a fully-staffed police force who will work hard to expose the root of crime in our city.

Here are just a few ways funding will be spent for the Albany Police Department:​

·         State of the art technology: Albany’s policing technology is shammy trash and way behind what other cities are doing to address the needs of the people. Our budget will include self-reporting systems that will permit residents to address non-emergency needs that a trained civilian can help with, as well as updated technology for officers to carry so they can more efficiently report an incident on the spot, and a crime-stat system to convert our reactive policing to a proactive initiative that helps anticipate the movements of criminals in Albany.

·         New hires: Albany is down roughly 75 officers! As Mayor of Albany, we will get the police force built back up again, so we are operating at full strength! Kathy Sheehan has repeatedly associated Albany Police with the slave patrols from America’s early days and her dangerous perspective has led to a demoralized police force. She has refused to work out a contract since 2016- I will ensure they have one, ASAP. She has accused them of crimes. She has backed away from them in times of turmoil and now? The city cannot attract or keep fresh recruits. Word on the street is: ALBANY, NY IS A HORRIBLE PLACE TO SERVE AS A POLICE OFFICER. The result of Kathy’s hatred of police? The PEOPLE of Albany suffer.

·         Expanded education, restoration and certification: As Mayor of Albany, we will TRANSFORM how we think of policing, how we utilize our police, and how the police interact with Albany residents. Ongoing legal education, physical and special certifications are paramount for Albany police to stay on top of criminal activity. This includes everything from illegal ATVs to rioting. Albany’s defunded police are grappling with mandated overtime hours, exhaustion, a lack of education on ever-changing laws, lack of equipment and more.

As Mayor of Albany, I will ensure that the Albany Police Department are at the top of their game and better able to serve our city – and also are held accountable for their actions.



The city of Albany must TRANSFORM how its facilities are utilized to better serve our diverse communities. Too many city-owned facilities are in disrepair and ignored while residents are left empty-handed!

We are disabled. We are young. We are old. We are American. We are immigrants. We are artists. We are sports-oriented. We are book enthusiasts. We are teachers. We are students. We are city taxpayers. We are city visitors. WE ARE ALBANY.

How can a new mayor TRANSFORM Albany’s facilities to better serve PEOPLE?

Albany’s city-run facilities are outdated, shabby looking and some are literally crumbling!

As Mayor of Albany, I will work with city employees, communities, charities, private companies and donors, churches and other non-profits to pour resources into our city’s facilities and we will TRANFORM how our facilities serve our communities.

Here are just a few of the plans to TRANSFORM facilities in Albany when I am Mayor of Albany:

·   Increase inclusivity and disabled access to parks, especially for children. As a mother of 5 children and as someone who grew up with a physically disabled person in my home, I was keenly aware of how poorly designed Albany’s playgrounds are for children who have sensory issues or who are physically disabled.

As Mayor of Albany, I have a vision to transform the way that we utilize our facilities and that includes everything from our pools and splashpads to our youth centers and senior centers to our parks and buildings where many in our communities spend their time.

·   More thoughtful playground design: Our Albany playgrounds must also include opportunities for parents and caregivers to interact with children. Many other cities have tandem equipment for parents and children to play together, and multiple studies have shown that playing together is bonding for loving adults and children. I want our city to be attractive to families who want to put down roots and thrive in Albany!

·    Repair and refocus community centers: Many of Albany’s vital community centers have been shuttered or they’re a shell of what they once were. Thirty years ago, community centers in Albany were thriving as places kids wanted to run to after school. But now? They’re boring and kids would rather stay home, but there are plenty of people want to help!

When I am Mayor of Albany, we will invite and embrace all who want to help- teach, mentor, invest, spend time, provide, facilitate and come alongside our youth and be part of transforming our youth centers.

But first? Kathy Sheehan MUST GO.

Sheena’s failed policies have brought Albany to the brink of disaster. ALICIA PURDY is the right person to lead Albany into TRANSFORMATION!


Because of the FAILED POLICIES of the current administration in Albany, our youth opportunities are minimal and poorly executed. And on top of that, the opportunity to STAY ALIVE is under threat!

The failure of Albany’s leadership has become the failure of its people.

But with Alicia Purdy as Mayor of Albany there is hope for our TRANSFORMATION…

Over the past two terms, small businesses have been bogged down in red tape and bureaucratic power. Homeownership opportunities have been throttled by codes, fines, fees and zoning issues As Mayor of Albany, I will focus on transforming our opportunities across the board, starting with transforming the processes that ensure people are connected to opportunities that can support them – and that the path is cleared to get to them.

“…If you truly want to see TRANSFORMATION, you must be willing to do something TRANSFORMATIVE…”

~Alicia Purdy

My plan to TRANSFORM our opportunities in Albany includes:

·   Focusing on expanding youth opportunities: Opportunities for Albany’s youth have dwindled, or are poorly executed. On top of that, many are excluded from opportunities simply because they aren’t aware of them, or because they ran into a dead end in qualifying for an opportunity. Working with the Albany School District and a number of willing, experienced and committed adults, Albany youth will have a fresh wave of opportunities that run the gamut- job training, leadership opportunities, opportunities to build a resume, mentorship opportunities, opportunities to get involved with politics, and beyond!

·   Economic opportunities: Albany’s economy started to suffer following the pandemic, but our city was already suffering from failed city leadership in City Hall!

As Mayor of Albany, I will work to open doors to opportunities for homeownership, which will expand our tax base; I will work to address small business opportunities through tax incentives, tax holidays, and will use COVID relief money to help sustain those small business opportunities for the first year.

·   Expand revenue opportunities: Revenue creation in Albany stinks! And taxpayers are left to pickup the tab in high taxes! Yet, under my leadership, revenue in Albany will a major part of how Albany will TRANSFORM. Right now, people don’t want to visit Albany because the crime and death rates are way too high.

As Mayor of Albany, as crime is more effectively addressed, I will simultaneously work with developers and communities to present revenue opportunities that are creative and serve the city with real-life deliverables.

Ideas include: A children’s and science museum, historic walking tours, and a thriving riverfront that attracts tourists. Right now, most revenue is brought into Albany through fees, fines, penalties and the money of state workers- with no benefit to residents! As Mayor of Albany, I commit to a revenue transformation by harnessing the power of PEOPLE who want to see our city thrive again!

But first? Kathy Sheehan MUST GO.

It’s time to vote out FAILURE and vote for the TRANSFORMATION of Albany with Alicia Purdy for Mayor!


As “The People’s Mayor”, I firmly believe that our greatest resource for transformation is PEOPLE.

This perspective of leadership is transformative because Albany’s failed mayor Sheehan sees people as the problem, where as I know that people are the solution. When Albany’s leadership is people-focused, instead of focused on politics or power, transformation is the natural outcome.

As Mayor of Albany, I will ensure that our greatest resource, people, are the first priority in all our spending, in all our revenue creation, in all of our design, construction, revitalization, plans and processes. How is that accomplished?


By taking the time to listen to people.

By taking the time to ask people.

By taking the time to ensure people are informed.

By responding to people in their times of need.

By ensuring that people aren’t being gunned down in the streets like animals because of failed crime, policing and public safety policies.

Resources come in many forms, and money is not always the answer. But let’s talk money for a minute…

The city of Albany just came into approximately $75 million in COVID relief money– what is Kathy Sheehan going to do with it? She created a “COVID Relief Panel” stocked with her political allies who want to continue to control all of YOUR money.

As you read this, Sheehan is desperate to allocate all of that money before she loses in November! After seeing how Kathy has trashed Albany and mismanaged our taxes so far, should she be in charge of the millions that are to be used for our future?!


Here are just a few ideas for transforming RESOURCES in Albany- and it starts with PEOPLE:

·   Turning BLIGHT into beauty: The resources in Albany are plenty– We have land that has grown fallow. We have buildings that are decrepit and dangerous. We have a riverfront that hasn’t been utilized. We have businesses and hardworking people who want to pour into the city. We have offers of help from the state, Albany county and even national groups who want to come alongside of us- but Albany’s FAILED mayor, Sheehan, has turned them away!

As Mayor of Albany, I will harness every available resource to help TRANSFORM our city, using the power of people.

·  Supporting city staff: Our city resources like the police, DGS and fire are spread dangerously thin – underpaid and overworked, dealing with a constant cycle of angry residents and a flaccid mayor who turns a blind eye. The police have not had a contract since 2016 and they work hours of overtime because it’s “cheaper” while people suffer from a police force that doesn’t have the manpower to protect our city! Garbage piles up because DGS is in the same situation. Should it be this way in our Albany, the capital city of New York State? NO.

As Mayor of Albany, I will do better by our personnel resources, from the first day, so our experiences as residents improves across the board, from top to bottom.



We can all agree that the way the city of Albany has been managed for the past 8 years is a major FAIL.

We can all see that blight has overtaken our beauty.

We can all hear the gun fire ringing through our streets.

We can all understand that our taxes are way too high for deliverables that are way too low.

As Mayor of Albany, my management of the city will be transformative because the leadership in Albany will finally be people-focused, over politics and power.

What does that mean, in practical terms?

That means the team in place at City Hall, under my leadership as “The People’s Mayorwill not be stacked with more politicians or people who are part of the political chess game in Albany.

The team under my administration will be focused on serving people, listening to people, reaching out to people, connecting people with resources, addressing conflict between communities of people and communities and the police, approaching taxes and spending with people in mind.

We will tackle complex questions from a people-focused point of view like: What brings the most back to the people? How can people benefit the most from this project? What people have a need that we can help with?

As Mayor of Albany, my style of management will be focused on leadership, not rulership.

I will immediately address a major gap in our city of raising up other leaders, empowering leaders, training leaders, and utilizing leaders– not micromanaging people and processes into the ground with endless, wasteful committees, agenda-based lawmaking,

The management of our taxes, revenue, accessibility, neighborhoods, safety and policing, facilities, opportunities and resources must be put into more capable hands. It’s time to FIRE KATHY SHEEHAN and let a fresh set of eyes and a new vision bring in a new season of TRANSFORMATION.

It is time to FIRE KATHY SHEEHAN for her FAILURE to effectively manage the city of Albany

My Pledge to Albany

As your Mayor, I pledge to focus my efforts on transforming the city of Albany into the safe, vibrant, thriving community of neighbors that my fellow citizens deserve, and on making our city more welcoming to new businesses, more stable for locally-owned businesses, and more diverse with greater opportunities for the advancement of communities of color.

I pledge to address public safety from all angles, supporting our brave police and firefighters who bravely put their lives on the line, as well as our neighbors and friends who desire to raise their families, conduct business and live their lives in peace with each other and with law enforcement.

I pledge to work with the Albany City School District, where the next generation of our city are in training right now, to support their efforts in the most difficult era of education we have ever faced. I pledge to get creative, pool our collective resources and find new ways to facilitate our students’ achievements, because I firmly believe that education is the path to personal freedom and success for the individual, the community and the nation.

I pledge to work with Albany’s Common Council, our legislative branch, to address the every day needs in our communities, ranging from potholes in the street and snow removal to increased visibility and access for residents who want their voices to be heard and beyond! I pledge to help amplify the voices of Albany’s residents and to work with the leaders across the city to ensure accurate and fair representation.

I pledge to make sure our growth does not come at the price of hefty tax increases, but instead has a solid foundation whereby we can sustain what we build through reinvesting into ourselves. I pledge to stand up, speak out and push back against all of the unending and unnecessary bureaucratic red tape to ensure that Albany, N.Y. is a city where individuals, families and businesses put down roots, grow and thrive.

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