“The Matter at Hand”

“The Matter at Hand” is a 15-minute podcast that is broadcast weekly on The Alive Radio Network in upstate New York. Host and producer Alicia Purdy examines issues that affect the people of God through a humorous, insightful blend of original writing, stories and interviews, history, news and content aggregation, and a Scriptural foundation told from the wisdom and perspective of a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

Click the titles, below, to listen to past Episodes:

Season 2, Episode 17, “Schooling the School Board”

The battle for the future of the United States is being waged from within the government education system as parents push back against Anti-American communist Marxism, but is it too late? In the Capital Region, a vocal BLM rioter seeks to overtake the Schenectady school board to influence a generation of rage-filled students and strip bare traditional American values from schools. With school board elections just a week away, parents are fighting back and running for their local school boards in a race for the future.

Season 2, Episode 16, “Turmoil in the Toybox

Huggy Wuggy is the latest terrifying character to alarm teachers and parents with his dangerous and deadly influence over kids, but is it just harmless fun? In the 1980’s Phil Phillips wrote, “Turmoil in the Toy Box” which prompted a generation of parents to toss their kids’ toys in the trash because of what he called an occultic influence and an attempt to influence a generation with demonic spiritual oppression. Was he right? Are toys, books, programs, movies, games and apps just harmless fun? Or is there a dark agenda that is coming for kids?

Season 2, Episode 15, “A Shot at Fame”

John Hinckley Jr. always wanted to be a famous singer-songwriter. Forty years after attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, he may finally have his chance. Even though Hinckley was given a life sentence for his crime, he was granted an unconditional release in 2022, free to pursue his musical career and is selling out concerts and finding the fame he always wanted, but what does his new chapter mean for the American people? For U.S. Presidents and their safety? Alicia Purdy explores John Hinckley’s shot at fame.

Season 2, Episode 14, “Departing Disney”

As the Walt Disney company’s stock prices and reputation with parents continues to plummet amid their commitment to advancing a militant LGBTQ indoctrination agenda to young children, will the backlash matter in the end? Is Disney too big to fail? Should Christians continue to financially support Disney through TV subscriptions, park tickets, merchandise purchases and more? Or turn their backs and walk away regardless of the sacrifice- or backlash. Alicia Purdy explores the downward spiral of Disney in the aftermath of the Parental Rights in Education legislation, and the revelations of their true agenda for America’s children.

Season 2, Episode 13, “Survey Says?”

A series of new surveys have been released painting a picture of the state of the church in America. What was the most popular worship song in 2021? The most popular sermon topic? How are people responding to the past while moving into an uncertain future? What Scripture verse was most used? Populations are declining, but why? What implications for the future does an increasingly godless nation present? How are Christians thinking about the future in light of their faith? Alicia Purdy breaks down the data and survey results, and highlights how the body of Christ is affected by the world at large.

Season 2, Episode 12, “Tender Boy… Tenderloin?”

Horse racing in New York State is a hot-button issue, making headlines once again as a video of Tender Boy, a NY thoroughbred, surfaced showing his emaciated, damaged body as he headed for slaughter. Alicia Purdy follows the story of Tender Boy and others like him, fated for slaughter as lawmakers and advocates fight to change how “useless” horses are treated in the U.S.

Season 2, Episode 11, “Tammy Faye’s Gutsy Gospel”

In March 2022, Tammy Faye Messner, known once as Tammy Faye Bakker, would have turned 80 years old. Alicia Purdy explores the complicated history of Tammy Faye and the Gospel of Jesus Christ she never stopped sharing, the scandal that took down the mega ministry she’d built with her husband Jim Bakker, and the fallout that followed her the rest of her life.

Season 2, Episode 10, “Emmett Till: A Brief, Colored History”

Decades after the lynching of young Emmett Till, legislation has finally been passed making lynching a federal crime. Alicia Purdy looks into the painful past at the life of Emmett Till and many others like him whose lives were violently taken in an America that looked the other way when it came to racism- until they saw the dead body of a young boy whose mother let the world into her private grief.

Season 2, Episode 09 “We Need More Bibles”

As war ravages the nation of Ukraine, Christians in the county are desperate to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the terrified people who kneel in the streets to cry for the mercy of God. “We need more Bibles” is the plea from pastors who have chosen to stay and minister the peace of God amid the horrors of war. Alicia Purdy highlights how American Christians can help fulfill the need of Ukrainian pastors under fire.

Season 2, Episode 08 “Peddling Pedophilia” [Graphic Content Warning]

While the body of Christ actively departs from sinful behavior, the world at large embraces it, seeking to normalize depravity like pedophilia and the church is often a primary target for sexual predators to find fresh victims. Alicia Purdy takes a difficult glimpse into the underworld of the church and explores how pedophilia has persisted.

Season 2, Episode 07 “Silencing of the Lambs”

Cancel culture has become an effective weapon for groups that seek to silence voices of dissent, targeted most often at Christians or conservatives who dare to speak out against the crowd- but were Christians the ones who started it first? Alicia Purdy examines Christian persecution and the history of cancel culture.

Season 2, Episode 06 “Homesko0l Academy”

Episode 26: Educating children at home has become a viable option for religious and non-religious parents across New York state and the nation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Critical Race Theory disputes, racial tensions, the equity agenda, Common Core failures and a concerning shift away from education fundamentals. What impact will a withdrawal from government education have on the future generation of leaders? Alicia Purdy explores the burgeoning communities within the homeschool movement.

Season 2, Episode 05 “Enneagram Enlightenment”

Christians and church leadership have long used personality tests to help assess themselves and others, but is it Scriptural? Or worse- is it spiritually harmful to look to a fallible test to find an identity that should be found in Christ? Can the church ignore the occultist roots of tests like the Enneagram? Is the spirit of the New Age infiltrating the church under the guise of harmless fun? Alicia Purdy explores the concerning history of the popular Enneagram.

Season 2, Episode 04 “Capital Bill Mill”

Episode 24: With over 8,000 bills in process in the New York State Assembly, how can voters (now what’s really going on? Are Assemblymembers really working in the interest of the people they represent? Alicia Purdy combs through bills in the NYS Assembly to uncover the agendas, the political maneuvering and the real story inside of the NYS Assembly.

Season 2, Episode 03 “Battlefield of the Womb”

In New York state, unborn people are the most vulnerable population and the least protected. As leftist governor Kathy Hochul commits to advancing her abortion agenda, there is pushback in the fight to save the lives of the innocent unborn. Alicia Purdy follows the trail of people fighting the darkness with the light of the truth, and those who have been forever changed by the ravages of abortion.

Season 2, Episode 02 “Cannabis Christians”

With the legalization of marijuana in New York State, cities are hoping to make the most of the cash flow and manage the mischief while faith leaders are grappling with the realization that their congregations not only approve of marijuana, but are smoking it themselves. Alicia Purdy highlights the blurred lines of the brewing conflict between Christianity and cannabis.

Season 2, Episode 01 “Cheers for Fears”

Does making a resolution at the new year mean that God isn’t in control, or that His plan isn’t the one in place for the future? Christians have their New Year traditions, but are they Scriptural or just sanctimonious? Alicia Purdy explores how people of faith face a new year in a world where faithfulness God is a thing of the past.

Ep. 20 “Savior in a Song”

Christmas songs, Christmas hymns, or Christmas carols? What is the difference and why does it matter so much? Alicia Purdy follows the music and the stories told in songs sung by the world at the Christmas holiday season, with and without Christ.

Ep. 19 “Pearl Harbor Changed Everything”

While the United States reeled in shock from the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese captain toasted with champagne- their two worlds were on a collision course that no one had anticipated, and this time it was going to change everything… again.

Ep. 18 “The Single-Shot Approach”

The dynamics of what it looks like to be single are shifting in culture and in the church- where does that leave Christians who are looking for a spouse? How can the church more effectively address the new challenges of singlehood? Alicia Purdy sheds light on the struggles and strengths of single Christians.

Ep. 17 “Rethinking Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving is the most popular holiday in America, but not everyone is celebrating, let alone giving thanks. Should America’s history be retold through the eyes of indigenous peoples? Why did the Pilgrims really come to the New World? Alicia Purdy examines both sides of the story of the American Thanksgiving.

Ep. 16 “Hope & Heartbreak: The Pancreatic Cancer Predicament”

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Alicia Purdy tells a story of hope and heartbreak with memories of “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek, an exploration of the disease and she interviews her own mother, Nancy, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2020.

Ep 15. “Is Chick-Fil-A…. Ok?”

Chick-Fil-A plans to set up stores along the New York State Thruway, but has the backlash given the company pause? What about the state? The company’s pro-life stance is unpopular in some crowds, but should that affect their right to conduct business on state property? Alicia Purdy gets details on the bad press of the company with great chicken.

Ep. 14 “Clarification of the ‘Church and State’ Separation”

Is the separation of church and state a valid argument to keep the two entities completely disconnected? It is not in the Constitution, so where did the phrase originate? What was the intention behind the notion? Is it still valid today? Alicia Purdy uncovers the truth about the most misunderstood phrase in American political discourse.

Ep. 13 “1776 & The John Adams Effect”

While John Adams is a well-known public figure from American history and a former U.S. president, not many people know about the critical role he played in the fight for American independence from the crown. Alicia Purdy steps into history and studies the life of one of the most pivotal figures in the American Revolution.

Ep. 12 “ET’s, UFO’s and the Eternal God”

Is there life on other planets? Is it un-Biblical to think there could be? Would God have created more than just the universe known to humankind? Christians are divided on the issue and Alicia Purdy follows the comet trail of evidence- both natural and supernatural.

Ep. 11 “Juneteenth: True American Independence?”

Juneteeth has become the newest federal holiday in the U.S., but should it be celebrated as America’s true Independence Day? Alicia Purdy looks into the history of Juneteeth and explores why some are for a different way to celebrate freedom in America- and why others are against it.

Ep. 10 “Fathers to the Fatherless”

With fatherlessness reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S, Alicia Purdy explores the life of fallen rapper Tupac Shakur in his own words, and speaks with local men across the Capital Region who have stepped up to raise up another generation of fathers- and their children.

Ep. 09 “Standing for the Pledge”

As the American college campus becomes increasingly hostile to conservative political perspectives and a Judeo-Christian worldview, the threat to students’ freedom of speech and expression increases. Alicia Purdy takes a look at who is fighting back against tyranny on campus- and whether they’re winning or losing the battle.

Ep. 08 “Don’t Mourn for Me” [Memorial Day Episode]

Micah Fink, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and founder of Heroes & Horses, speaks with Alicia Purdy – his older sister – about resuming civilian life as veteran after the ravages of war – and the difficult, lonely path to healing, hope and a new life.

Ep. 07 “Losing My Religion”

Alicia Purdy takes a closer look at the deconstruction movement within the Christian faith, and specifically within an evangelical context. Do former Christians have valid concerns? Observations? Criticisms? When people depart from their faith, did they ever really have it?

Ep. 06 “Equal Shades of Brown?”

What repercussions did Brown v. the Board of Education ultimately produce for the goal of civil rights, justice, equality and integration? Alicia Purdy digs into the roots and motivations behind the legal precedent in contrast to modern equity and social justice movements.

Ep. 05 “Rise of the Republican Woman”

Female Republican candidates are stepping into public office in New York State in the largest numbers in history. Alicia Purdy explores the backlash, the beauty and the backbone of local candidates in the Capital Region who won’t back down or apologize, and plan to return the United States to its Judeo-Christian values.

Ep. 04 “The People v. Perry Jones”

The city of Albany erupts into an occupation complete with anarchy and chaos amid a competitive mayoral election. Alicia Purdy exposes Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s backroom deal with BLM leaders and follows the disastrous aftermath of Albany’s BLM occupation at the South Station of the Albany Police Department as protestors threaten the life of Capital City Rescue Mission Exec. Dir. Perry Jones.

Ep. 03 “Sacrificing Sanger”

Planned Parenthood falls on its sword amid uproar about the racist roots of founder Margaret Sanger, whose own hate-filled rhetoric tells the real truth while upstate crisis pregnancy centers scramble to save lives. Alicia Purdy explores the nefarious truth behind the origins of “women’s healthcare” in the United States, the abortion agenda and the smoke and mirrors hiding the movement to eradicate people of color.

Ep. 02 “Opioid Deaths & Stimulus Checks”

Have the latest round of federal stimulus payouts done more harm than good? As the United States government hands out piles of unearned cash during the CODIV-19 pandemic, how are people coping who are grappling with addiction compounded by pandemic stress? Not well. Alicia Purdy looks at the opioid crisis in the U.S. and through the eyes of Victor Harris, Director of Albany Adult and Teen Challenge.

Episode 01: “Taking Vaccinations? Or Permanent Vacations?”

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year, residents across New York State gather to protect medical authoritarianism and political tyranny, refusing the government’s vaccination mandates. Who will win the fight? Alicia Purdy delves into vaccinations, the Excelsior Pass and WE WILL NOT COMPLY as New Yorkers react to news of a government-mandated proof of vaccination status.

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