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“Rethinking Thanksgiving”

EPISODE 17: Thanksgiving is the most popular holiday in America, but not everyone is celebrating, let alone giving thanks. Should America’s history be retold through the eyes of indigenous peoples? Why did the Pilgrims really come to the New World? Alicia Purdy examines both sides of the story of the American Thanksgiving.

“Hope & Heartbreak: The Pancreatic Cancer Predicament”

EPISODE 16: November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Alicia Purdy tells a story of hope and heartbreak with memories of “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek, an exploration of the disease and she interviews her own mother, Nancy, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2020.

“Is Chick-Fil-A OK…?”

EPISODE 15: Chick-Fil-A plans to set up stores along the New York State Thruway, but has the backlash given the company pause? What about the state? The company’s pro-life stance is unpopular in some crowds, but should that affect their right to conduct business on state property? Alicia Purdy gets details on the bad press of the company with great chicken.

“The Mantra of the Separation of Church and State”

EPISODE 14: Is the separation of church and state a valid argument to keep the two entities completely disconnected? It is not in the Constitution, so where did the phrase originate? What was the intention behind the notion? Is it still valid today? Alicia Purdy uncovers the truth about the most misunderstood phrase in American discourse.

“The John Adams Effect”

EPISODE 13: While John Adams is a well-known public figure from American history and a former U.S. president, not many people know about the critical role he played in the fight for American independence from the crown. Alicia Purdy steps into history and studies the life of one of the most pivotal figures in the American Revolution.

“ETs, UFOs and the Eternal God”

EPISODE 12: Is there life on other planets? Is it un-Biblical to think there could be? Would God have created more than just the universe known to humankind? Christians are divided on the issue and Alicia Purdy follows the comet trail of evidence- both natural and supernatural.

“Juneteeth: America’s True Independence Day?”

EPISODE 11: Juneteeth has become the newest federal holiday in the U.S., but should it be celebrated as America’s true Independence Day? Alicia Purdy looks into the history of Juneteeth and explores why some are for a different way to celebrate freedom in America- and why others are against it.

“Fathers to the Fatherless”

EPISODE 10: With fatherlessness reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S, Alicia Purdy explores the life of fallen rapper Tupac Shakur in his own words, and speaks with local men who have stepped up to raise up another generation of fathers- and their children.

“The Silencing of the Students”

EPISODE 09: As the American college campus becomes increasingly hostile to conservative political perspectives and a Judeo-Christian worldview, the threat to students’ freedom of speech and expression increases. Alicia Purdy takes a look at who is fighting back against tyranny on campus- and whether they’re winning or losing the battle.

“Don’t Mourn for Me: A Memorial Day Episode”

EPISODE 08: Micah Fink, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and founder of Heroes & Horses, speaks with Alicia Purdy – his older sister – about life as a U.S. veteran after the ravages of war- and the path to restoration, hope and a new live.

“Rise of the Republican Woman”

EPISODE 07: Female Republican candidates are stepping into public office in New York State in the largest numbers in history. Alicia Purdy explores the backlash, the beauty and the backbone of local women who won’t back down.

“Losing My Religion”

EPISODE 06: Alicia Purdy takes a closer look at the deconstruction movement within the Christian faith, and specifically within an evangelical context. Do former Christians have valid concerns? Observations? Criticisms? When people depart from their faith, did they ever really have it?

“Equal Shades of Brown”

EPISODE 05: What repercussions did Brown v. the Board of Education ultimately produce for the goal of civil rights, justice, equality and integration? Alicia Purdy digs into the roots and motivations behind the legal precedent in contrast to modern equity and social justice movements.

“The People V. Perry Jones”

EPISODE 04: Alicia Purdy follows the disastrous aftermath of Albany’s BLM occupation at the South Station of the Albany Police Department as protestors threaten the life of Capital City Rescue Mission Exec. Dir. Perry Jones and expose the mayor’s backroom deal.

“Sacrificing Sanger”

EPISODE 03: Planned Parenthood falls on its sword amid uproar about the racist roots of founder Margaret Sanger, whose own hate-filled rhetoric tells the real truth while upstate crisis pregnancy centers scramble to save lives.

“Opioid Deaths & Stimulus Checks”

EPISODE 02: Have the latest round of federal stimulus payouts done more harm than good? Alicia Purdy looks at the opioid crisis in the U.S. and through the eyes of Albany Adult and Teen Challenge.

“Taking Vaccinations…or Permanent Vacations?

EPISODE 01: Alicia Purdy delves into vaccinations, the Excelsior Pass and WE WILL NOT COMPLY as New Yorkers react to news of a government-mandated proof of vaccination status.

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