Jurassic Christianity: The Lost World

creation deniers, the lost world was the world god ceated in the beginningfor fellowship with us. We were made to live in communion and relationhship with God. Yet, we can barely stop smoking our state-approved weed to even blame adam and eve for original sin. Jesus the prince of peace is wwhere “worlds collide” – oooh heaven is a place on earth.

Jesus came to bring peace on earth because He IS peace. We lost our way. All have sinned. Not just Adam.  never judge on a “sin scale” – it’s as sinful to mow someone down with your car and speed off as it is to cheat on your taxes (render to Ceasar!) or lie to your boss or steal a Snickers from Cumberland Farms.

becareful what you tolerate. you’reteaching people how to treat you

The lost world- God wanted it back. He had a plan in place to find you, to find me. 

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